Here at Schwalbe, we assume responsibility.

We assume responsibility for both the ecological and social and economic aspects of our activities. We are committed to ecofriendly, socially responsible bicycle mobility.

Various issues covered by our commitment to CSR.

One of our objectives is to completely do without fossil fuels by 2025. We also want to establish the concept of the circular economy, in which all materials can be reused at the end of their life cycle. With the Schwalbe Recycling System and new Green Marathon, we are already a huge step closer to implementing a circular economy.
At Schwalbe we find it very important to maintain ecological and social standards throughout our entire supply chain. However, we are also committed to a number of social projects in our region, too: Schwalbe sponsors various educational, cultural and sports facilities and encourages a work culture among our employees that is marked by respect and appreciation.

Ambitious climate goals

As of 2025 we want to do without fossil fuels completely. At our headquarters in Reichshof we have already achieved 50% of this target. We also plan to reduce our scope 1 & 2 emissions by at least 55 percent in 2030 compared to 2018. The greenhouse gas emissions generated primarily by the production and transportation of our products will also be reduced. In the 2022 reporting year we cut 39% of our scope 1 and 2 emissions compared to base year 2018.

Moreover, in the 2022 reporting year we joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and aim to reduce our business-relevant scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to net zero compared to base year 2018 by 2040.

Launch of the Schwalbe Recycling System

For the first time within the bicycle industry, it is now possible to recycle used tires of all brands completely and without waste. With the Schwalbe Recycling System, we follow the goal of preserving the raw materials contained in used tires and establishing a true circular economy.

Up until now, used bicycle tires were incinerated, destroying valuable resources and releasing harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. Thanks to the process, new tires can now be made from used ones, resulting in CO2 savings of around 80 percent.

We think in cycles

Our source of inspiration is a closed circular economy according to the cradle-to-cradle principle (C2C). In this approach, right from the beginning products and processes are designed so that all materials can be recycled after use. This circulation means that no waste is produced.

In addition, with our recycling solutions recycled materials are much more energy efficient than manufacturing new materials for bicycle tires and inner tubes. If we systematically implement the circular economy, we will thus save fossil resources and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

The Green Marathon – Schwalbe’s most environmentally friendly tire

The Green Marathon is the world's first closed-loop tire made entirely from recovered carbon black from the Schwalbe Recycling System. It is made from 100 percent Fair Rubber and contains no synthetic rubber.

With the Green Marathon we are setting a new benchmark in ecofriendly products without compromising on performance and quality. In the Green Marathon we use all of the appropriate environmentally friendly resources currently available, including 70% recycled and renewable materials (compared to 27% in the current Marathon).

Opportunities and diversity

We create a work culture marked by respect and appreciation, promote equality and pay fair wages. Our global work ensures that cultural diversity and international networking are firmly anchoredhere at Schwalbe. Furthermore, many employees have long been part of our company history – we honour this with various financial incentives and loyalty premiums.

To encourage our employees to further develop their skills, in 2021 we set up our digital unit and are also planning on establishing a Schwalbe campus for training courses. Upon request, we will contribute partially or fully to further training costs.

Cycling to work

Cycling to work? This is what we want to encourage! Schwalbe provides its personnel with numerous incentives to use their bikes to commute.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Of course, we cannot solve all problems alone. But it is our responsibility to help in shaping change, as the examples in this report show. We pursue this responsibility throughout the entire value chain and strive to create trust and build resilient partnerships. We work towards a transparent and traceable supply chain to protect all stakeholders and meet our high standards. Our long-standing business relationships with our partners and our code of conduct provide us with a guiding framework.

Cooperation with the Fair Rubber Association

Together with the Fair Rubber Association, we promote the fair trade of natural rubber and actively support the improvement of living and working conditions for rubber tappers. We are currently planning to raise the percentage of Fair Rubber used in our products and increase the number of tire models that can be produced using fair-trade natural rubber sixfold.

Switch from air cargo to sea freight

As of 2018, we shifted nearly 100% from air freight to ocean freight. This has resulted in us being able to reduce our air cargo tonnage in the 2022 reporting year by ca. 96% compared to 2018, cutting emissions from 8,960 to 176 metric tons CO2e.

Our commitment to society

We are involved in various areas to preserve nature, promote children and young people, and support sports and culture.


It is important to us to help pupils from our region to learn and build self-confidence through Chancenwerk

World Bicycle Relief

Schwalbe joined the international aid organization World Bicycle Relief in 2014. It provides robust bicycles in 21 countries that can be assembled on site. By making people in rural regions more mobile, the initiative increases their range of movement and thus also their income, health and education opportunities.

Children for a better world e.V. & and Children’s Advisory Council

The aim of Children for a better world e.V. is to actively combat child poverty in Germany. For the first time, the Children's Advisory Board of Schwalbe employees decided which children's aid projects should be supported.

Help for orangutans

Schwalbe has supported the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) in Indonesia for twelve years now. The BOS rescues homeless or orphaned orangutans and campaigns for the conservation of their natural habitat

Sports and culture

Schwalbe supports local sporting activities with the Schwalbe Arena opened in 2013, for example. We are also exclusive partner to the VfL Gummersbach handball club and a premium partner of German wheelchair basketball and support the national teams. We also enjoy a long-standing tradition of cooperation with table tennis club TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt

Schauspielhaus Bergneustadt

Schwalbe also supports the local arts scene. The sponsored Schauspielhaus Bergneustadt is one of the best known and most renowned theatres in the local region and provides a wide range of entertainment for all ages.