Discover here our wide selection of rim tapes. Tubeless rim tape, high-pressure rim tape or even high-pressure adhesive rim tape and adhesive rim tape on the 50m roll, this and many more accessories for your bike tires can be found in our range.

What do I need a rim tape for?

Rim tapes are used to protect the bicycle tube. A rim tape securely covers holes and bolt heads on the rim and prevents the bicycle inner tube from being damaged.

Critical places for damage to the tube are the rim holes where the spoke heads are attached. No matter how carefully these holes are processed and finished by the rim manufacturer, an inflated tube, which is under load while riding, will be damaged by any friction, no matter how small, with any spoke holes or bolt heads which are not suitably protected by the correct rim tape. The rim tape performs this service and ensures optimum protection for your bicycle tubes and tires.

Schwalbe carries a selection of resilient and safe rim tapes in the range, which safely protects the bicycle tube and guarantees a long service life. All Schwalbe rim tapes are easy to mount and provide reliable coverage.

Schwalbe High Pressure rim tape in different sizes

Bicycle rim tape is, next to bicycle tires and bicycle tubes, the third important factor for best puncture safety. Rim tape protects the bicycle tube from mechanical damage and thus significantly increases its durability. Schwalbe High Pressure rim tape is available in many different widths and thus suitable for many rim sizes. It provides a firm hold and easily withstands pressure up to 7 bar. Best running properties, easy installation and a safe protection factor are other outstanding features of the Schwalbe High Pressure rim tape.

Tubeless rim tape

The right rim tape is essential for optimum tubeless riding comfort. Schwalbe offers Tubeless rim tape, with which the conversion to Tubeless riding is safely achievable. Schwalbe Tubeless rim tape is extremely friendly to use, extremely stable under high-pressure and reliably seals the rim. Even on road bikes, one layer of rim tape is sufficient.

With the Schwalbe Tubeless rim tape you can convert all bikes that have been approved by the manufacturer for tubeless use. The wide range of widths in the spectrum between 19 mm up to 42 mm make Schwalbe Tubeless rim tape suitable for every requirement.

Find the right rim tape for your needs at Schwalbe and enjoy excellent puncture protection and best riding comfort.

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