Discover now our extensive range of tools specifically for your bike. Tire levers for easy changing of bicycle tires, multitool with functions for valves or the specially designed for MTB tires Tread Cutter.

Bicycle tools: indispensable for assembly and maintenance

If you love your bike, you not only ride it, but also take care of cleaning, maintenance and assembly. Many minor repairs, the replacement of certain components or a comprehensive cleaning can be done easily by yourself. The right bike tools will help you! Whether you want to change your bike tire, need a new tube, convert to tubeless or want to fix a puncture: with Schwalbe bike tools you always have professional support - on the road and at home.

Bicycle Multi Tool: Your all-rounder on the bike

Without a Multi Tool, nothing works on the bike! Schwalbe rewrites the terms "small" and "handy" once again with its 13-in-1 bicycle Multi Tool: Weighing only 78 grams and fitting in any saddle bag, the Schwalbe Multi Tool is your companion on long tours, in everyday life and in the Home workshop. In addition to different sized Allen keys, the Schwalbe Multi Tool includes a T25 Torx, a slotted screwdriver, a bottle opener and three functions for valve inserts. The corrosion-resistant coating and high-quality workmanship guarantee you will enjoy the tool for a long time. A must-have for anyone looking for a handy bike tool with lots of functions!

Tire levers for the bike - convenient tire change

Schwalbe tire levers make installing and removing your bicycle tire much easier. Their special shape and surface support you even during difficult assembly processes. Schwalbe tire levers can be easily clipped onto the rim, fixing the already mounted area of the tire bead and preventing it from slipping out while the last section is levered over the rim. Indispensable for changing wheels, replacing bicycle tubes and repairing punctures.

Schwalbe Airmax Pro and Schwalbe Tread Cutter: The professional tool.

Looking for a precise digital air pressure gauge? The Schwalbe Airmax Pro measures pressure up to 11 bar and is suitable for car (AV/Auto) and Sclaverand (SV/Presta) valves as well as bicycle valves with Schwalbe valve insert. The optimum air pressure of your tire guarantees you the best rolling resistance for outstanding riding comfort and thus protects the bicycle tire from premature wear. Schwalbe Airmax Pro is small, handy, lightweight, easy to use and precise in the readings displayed - checking air pressure on your bike tire has never been so easy.

The Schwalbe Tread Cutter is the first tread cutter designed specifically for MTB tires. Born as an idea at a Downhill World Cup and realized with the help of the renowned tool manufacturer Union Tools, the Tread Cutter is the professional tool for MTB fans. With the help of the precise special tool, the studs can be cut exactly, smoothly and thanks to cutting height adjustment, individually as desired. So you can adapt your tire profile to any challenge in the trail and optimize the performance of your bike tire. Discover with the Schwalbe Tread Cutter the possibility of the absolutely individual fine-tuning of your tire profile.

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