Discover our wide range of tires specifically for your wheelchair. Whether you are looking for a wheelchair tire that is particularly smooth-running or extra puncture protection for your everyday life - we offer numerous designs.

What are the requirements for a wheelchair tire for everyday use?

Wheelchair tires for everyday use are subject to a wide range of requirements. They must be able to withstand permanent loads while guaranteeing a comfortable ride. They should be pleasant to grip and easy on the hands, while still offering the best grip. Wheelchair tires need to be particularly puncture-resistant without rolling sluggishly. They must perfectly translate braking forces while remaining maneuverable. Schwalbe wheelchair tires have been developed precisely according to these parameters and offer the best support in everyday use.

Schwalbe wheelchair tires: the right tire for every need

Our product portfolio in the field of wheelchair tires includes wheelchair tires for everyday use and sports. Choose exactly the tire that best meets your needs and benefit from innovative compounds, sophisticated puncture protection and perfect handling.

With the Schwalbe DownTown you have the absolute all-rounder for everyday requirements. It combines grip with pleasant ride comfort and offers the best safety with its K-Guard puncture protection. Particularly hand-friendly and with a grippy profile, he is your companion for all everyday needs.

Schwalbe RightRun is the perfect entry-level model with thoughtful all-round features. Its 2Grip sidewall is gentle on the hands and so pleasant to use. With a puncture protection layer and robust Black'n Roll Compound in the center of the tire, the tire provides great resilience. Visually, it is convincing with its two-tone design and brings color to the road. Do you need even more puncture protection? Then the Schwalbe RightRun Plus is the right choice for you. As the newest member of the Schwalbe Flat-less (Unplattbar®) family, it even resists shards and staples with the SmartGuard puncture protection layer. A maximum puncture resistance wheelchair tire with an attractive black and gray look for those who expect more resilience with an innovative look.

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus is not for nothing Schwalbe's best-selling model. Flat-less thanks to a 5mm thick SmartGuard puncture protection layer and with anti-aging sidewalls, which also tolerates loads due to low air pressure without permanent damage or cracking, the Schwalbe Marathon Plus is also the maximum load rated wheelchair tire. In addition, it offers a pleasantly low rolling resistance and scores in the area of sustainability with the use of recycled rubber in the SmartGuard layer.

Find the wheelchair tire that suits you best in everyday life at Schwalbe.

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