Aerothan is a material that completely redefines the bicycle tube: extremely light, highly puncture resistant and designed for lowest rolling resistance. Find your new Aerothan tube now and benefit from the low weight and puncture resistance along with many other advantages.

Schwalbe Aerothan

Schwalbe revolutionizes the market with its Aerothan bicycle inner tubes. Highly puncture-resistant, particularly light and extremely elastic - Aerothan TPU bicycle inner tubes provide innovative riding comfort. Aerothane is a material specially developed by Schwalbe for next-generation bicycle inner tubes. During development, we had the ambition to create a high-end bicycle tube for a completely new riding experience and maximum benefits in the areas of weight and ease of installation - and we succeeded. Discover Schwalbe Aerothan, the bicycle inner tube of the future.

The special properties of Schwalbe Aerothan tubes

Schwalbe Aerothan bicycle inner tubes are about 40% lighter than Schwalbe extralight butyl tubes and therefore the perfect choice for road bikes, mountain bikes and all-round use. With the development of Aerothan, we have succeeded in designing a maximum puncture resistant tube with minimal weight. The rolling behavior is thus comparable with even the extremely low rolling resistance of a tubeless setup and provides a stable ride, even at low air pressure. The resilience of the Aerothan material is not only reflected in its elasticity and enormous resistance to snakebites and sidewall damage, but also in its high heat resistance. Schwalbe Aerothan tubes are thus also approved for use with rim brakes. They are available in many different sizes and ideally suited for your demanding tour on the road bike or mountain bike - or for maximum riding fun in everyday life.

100% recyclable - the Schwalbe tube recycling program

Like all Schwalbe bicycle inner tubes, the Schwalbe Aerothane is also 100% recyclable and thus contributes to greater sustainability and a closed cycle of recyclable materials. Through the Schwalbe tube recycling program, the Aerothane tubes can also be easily returned to Schwalbe and reused after reprocessing. You can find out more about sustainability and recycling at Schwalbe here

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