Discover our tires specially designed for your sporting activities in a wheelchair. With lower weight, low rolling resistance and special puncture resistance, our Schwalbe Sports wheelchair tires are just right for your wheelchair.

Sports activity in the wheelchair - best support with Schwalbe wheelchair tires

Being active in sports in a wheelchair has not been a rarity for a long time. The German Wheelchair Association e.V. offers 28 classic sports disciplines - among them are many sports that are practiced indoors, such as athletics, dancing, table tennis and many more. Do you like team sports? Try your hand at basketball, field hockey or rugby. Love a challenge on your own? Weightlifting, martial arts or scuba diving are options for you. Prefer to have just one opponent? Try fencing, tennis or badminton. With sports wheelchairs that are tailored exactly to the sport you play and offer a special design, optimal wheel camber and special maneuverability, you'll be optimally prepared for the next competition. Schwalbe wheelchair tires for sports offer you the perfect support for your training and competition. Low weight, low rolling resistance and the best puncture resistance are just some of the properties with which Schwalbe wheelchair tires actively support you.

Schwalbe Sport wheelchair tires: Schwalbe Dunk King

The Schwalbe Dunk King is your specialist for indoor sports. Its offset center tread is precisely designed for the wheel camber of indoor sport wheelchairs, providing optimal performance. Ultra agile turning and rolling, it takes on any sporting challenge and masters it with flying colors. At the same time, it leaves no marks even on sensitive indoor floors - the Schwalbe Dunk King is made of white silica compound and is thus perfectly suited for sports use indoors. Four sizes to choose from also make it the perfect choice for you when it comes to indoor sports. Discover Schwalbe wheelchair tires for sports and let yourself be convinced by thoughtful design and optimal characteristics.

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