Tires for e-gravel bikes with greater volume and stronger tread design, allow for easier riding on gravel, forest and meadow paths. The demands on a bicycle tire for e-gravel bikes means they should convey safety and also allow comfortable riding. Puncture protection is of course also a focus for tires for e-gravel bikes.

E-gravel tires - safety, comfort and resilience.

The E-Gravelbike takes your outdoor adventures to the next level. Perfectly designed and thoughtfully built for the ultimate in speed and fun when alternating between road, trail and off-road - the E-Gravelbike is your fast and rugged companion for everyday and leisure riding. Its supportive ride offers additional comfort as needed and makes it possible, even for amateur athletes, to handle extended tours with demanding changes in terrani. It is also ideal for cycling tours that involve many different surfaces and terrain conditions.

E-gravel tires should support you optimally on your tours and offer not only the best riding comfort but also secure grip. Schwalbe E-Gravel tires can do just that. They easily compensate for the change between the different requirements of varied surfaces and also offer outstanding puncture protection and optimum grip. Gravel road, forest trail or meadow, asphalt or rough terrain: With the gravel bike tires from Schwalbe you are always comfortable and safe on your ride.

Schwalbe G-One series

The Schwalbe G-One series has been specially developed for gravel and e-gravel bikes. From the Schwalbe G-One Allround to the Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite, there is the right tire for every need.
Do you prefer dry trails and gravel roads on your rides? You are looking for an e-gravel tire that rolls with low vibration, offers high puncture resistance and secure grip? Then the Schwalbe G-One Allround is the right choice for you. Our all-rounder from the gravel bike tire range is available in many sizes to suit your bike.

You love going fast and want, even on uneven trails and bumpy roads, best grip without loss of speed? The Schwalbe G-One Speed offers you the best solution with its fine knob profile. On the road it rolls easily and yet provides you the best grip off paved roads with optimal rolling behavior. For riding pleasure with optimum speed transmission - without compromising on grip.

You love the challenges of the terrain and like to venture on uneven paths, steep gravel roads or bumpy forest paths? Then the Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite is the right choice for you. Especially in combination with our high-grip yet comfortable rolling G-One Bite, the Ultrabite is our specialist for demanding e-gravel bike tours of all kinds. Its deep tread and robust side lugs bring grip and traction even in challenging turns or adverse weather conditions. Thanks to its TLE technology, the Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite can also be ridden tubeless.

All our E-Gravelbike tires are officially approved for use with E-bikes and offer, with their special compound and different profiles, durable riding fun for every demand. Equip your e-gravel bike with gravel tires from Schwalbe according to your needs - we have the right bike tire for you!

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