Schwalbe tire accessories: ideal for on the road and the home workshop

Changing or repairing tires: With Schwalbe tire accessories, you have exactly the right support for every requirement relating to your bike. Whether you want to tinker with your bike, change a tube or convert to tubeless, Schwalbe tire accessories will help you. From the narrow saddle bag for road bikes to a handy and lightweight multifunctional tool and a special tread cutter for MTB pros, Schwalbe has an extensive range of specially and cleverly designed tire accessories for you.

Schwalbe Doc Blue and Schwalbe Easy Fit

Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional is your quick emergency aid for punctures. Liquid puncture protection that works? Discover Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional, the innovation in the field of repair fluids. Doc Blue is characterized by fast, reliable and effective sealing with a low application quantity. It is also ideal for preventive puncture protection with a shelf life of 2 to 7 months, ensuring you have fun on every tour, no matter how demanding. Tubeless conversion is now even easier thanks to Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional.

Schwalbe Easy Fit makes tire fitting easier for you. The liquid, which evaporates after ten minutes, can be easily and cleanly applied to the tire bead thanks to the sponge can and helps the tire to slide onto the correct position on the rim when inflating. Experience tire fitting at a new level of comfort thanks to Schwalbe Easy Fit: fast, precise and without dirty hands.

Multi tool for the bike - mini workshop for the saddlebag

13 functions in one tool and all that with a weight of just 78 g? Schwalbe makes it possible! Our Multi Tool includes various Allen keys in different sizes, a Torx, slotted screwdriver and a bottle opener - so you always stay cool, even during sweaty repairs. Three valve functions complete its portfolio. The Multi Tool fits in any saddle bag, no matter how small, and is the perfect helper for any minor or major requirement.

Everything about tubeless riding

Schwalbe tubeless valves are available in different sizes to suit every rim height. They are extremely easy to use and can be quickly and conveniently filled with air or sealant. The Schwalbe tubeless rim tape is approved for all wheels with tubeless approval and impresses with its pressure stability and ease of use. Different widths are guaranteed to fit your bike. You can find out more about tubeless in our Technology/FAQ section.

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