All of us at Ralf Bohle GmbH love the bicycle because it brings people together and connects them with nature. For us, it is the intelligent answer to the global climate and energy crisis as well as a means to the mobility revolution. With our Schwalbe brand, we are doing our part as leading specialists for bicycle tires and inner tubes with innovative solutions.

We manufacture high-quality and innovative products for all cyclists. Durability, puncture protection and suitability for everyday use are key criteria for us.




Employees at Ralf Bohle GmbH

335 Mio.

Sales 2022

The locations

Headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and USA/Canada. Distribution partners in over 40 countries. Production partnership with Korean tire manufacturer Hung-A, production in Indonesia and Vietnam.

A family business

As a family business, our entrepreneurial activities have always been closely linked with responsibility. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ecological and social aspects are integrated into responsible action.

Our inspiration is thinking in cycles. Products are designed so that all materials can be recycled after use. This is taken into account in design and manufacturing.

Frank Bohle

Spokesman of the Executive Board, Marketing

Andreas Grothe


Holger Jahn

Development, Technology

Nico Simons


With our Korean production partner Hung-A, a European-Asian cooperation based on respect and trust was established as early as 1973. The two companies are now linked not only by a 50-year friendship that is unparalleled in the industry, but also by a joint venture.

Where does the name Schwalbe come from?

The swallow is a symbol of spring in Korean superstition and is revered as the bringer of rain. Superstitious citizens believe that it brings good luck, wealth and long life. A swallow's nest under one's roof is considered a sign of good luck. In some circles, they are even said to be transformed souls of the deceased. A well-known Korean fairy tale tells of a brother who cherished an injured swallow and was generously rewarded for it, while his envious brother injured a swallow and was punished for it.


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