If you don't want to miss out on cycling in demanding weather conditions in winter, Schwalbe winter tires are your reliable help. Just like with your car, you should convert your bike to winter tires when freezing wet, snow and ice are imminent. These weather conditions place special demands on riders and bike tires - what is needed then is secure grip and traction thanks to a special tread and biting spikes. Maximum safety with full control and the best possible riding experience is our claim for bicycle winter tires. We can fully meet these demands thanks to innovative rubber compounds that withstand extreme temperatures and always remain supple, sophisticated spike placement for enormous grip and sophisticated tread structures. Schwalbe winter tires are specially designed for challenging weather, road and off-road conditions and reliably defy wet and slippery conditions. Best riding comfort with maximum safety is thus guaranteed. Studded bicycle tires: safely through the winter

Spike Tires: safely through the winter

At Schwalbe, we believe that the only safe way to ride a bike on icy roads is to use studded tires: that's why Schwalbe bike tires for winter are equipped with grippy studs that provide a secure grip even when cornering. With the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro, we have also developed a winter tire specifically for mountain bikes, which thanks to its high number of spikes reliably grips the ice and yet remains light. This is because the cores of the lightweight aluminum spikes are made of tungsten carbide - a material that is particularly wear-resistant and resilient.

For all-season use and city riding even in harsh weather conditions, Marathon 365 is just as versatile as its succinct name promises: secure grip, high load capacity and best braking performance make it a reliable companion no matter what season and even in adverse road conditions. On ice, only real spike tires offer you reliable grip.

With Schwalbe bike winter tires you get the reliable safety and control on ice and snow that you need.

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