Discover now our versatile Tour & City tires! They offer you the optimum grip on different surfaces and impress at the same time with a high puncture resistance. In addition, you will enjoy, thanks to the low rolling resistance, maximum riding pleasure.

City bikes and touring bikes are perfectly designed for everyday use and easily manage the transition between the demands of daily use and recreational fun. Comfortable riding in urban traffic as well as on longer bicycle tours and easy off-road tours are the hallmarks of this type of bicycle. The right bicycle tires support these characteristics and ensure a harmonious riding experience on asphalt as well as on unpaved paths. As Europe's market leader in the field of bicycle tires, Schwalbe has also found outstanding solutions for an optimal durability and safe performance in the segment of city and touring bikes.

Schwalbe trekking tire

Schwalbe tires are characterized by low rolling resistance, high durability and optimum grip. With the Schwalbe Marathon Plus you choose our best-selling model. And for good reason! The Flat-less tire with anti-aging sidewalls guarantees a smooth riding experience and scores with its outstanding puncture protection, which resists even glass shards, tacks and sharp-edged small rocks with ease. An ideal choice for city and touring bikes and approved for e-bikes up to 50 km/h in the most important sizes.

With the Schwalbe Pick-Up, we have the first real cargo tire in our range that has been designed to withstand consistent weight and load. It is the second Schwalbe bicycle tire whose natural rubber content comes entirely from fair trade rubber.

Its special double carcass makes it particularly stable and puncture-proof, even under increased load, without compromising the riding experience. The Schwalbe Pick-Up is ideal for cargo bikes, e-cargo bikes and other transport bikes. Exceptionally resilient, with a long service life and convincingly good grip for maximum safety on the road, the Schwalbe Pick-Up is a must-have for all types of cargo bikes, including e-bikes.

City bike tires - Schwalbe Big Ben and Schwalbe Big Apple

With the third generation Schwalbe Big Apple, we have a balloon bike tire for city and touring bikes in our range that is designed to be balanced between absolute riding comfort and the usual safe performance. With its modern design, the Schwalbe Big Apple offers the perfect combination of tire characteristics for many bikes and e-bikes. Maximum comfort with safe performance, optimum rolling resistance and a long service life are guaranteed here for both everyday use and leisure. Its somewhat more robust brother is the Schwalbe Big Ben, which ensures maximum safety in road traffic on city bikes and touring bikes with a lot of volume and a modern tread pattern.

Discover the perfect bike tire for your specific needs at Schwalbe.

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