Of course, we attach great importance to quality and safety in our wheelchair tires. After all, there is nothing worse than a flat tire with the wheelchair. Discover our versatile range now and find the right tire for your wheelchair.

Durable and safe tires with optimal handling characteristics - that is the claim of Schwalbe for its bicycle and wheelchair tires. We know how important maximum puncture protection along with the greatest possible safety and optimal rolling characteristics are for you in your everyday life. And we want you to always be on the road with secure grip, pleasant rolling characteristics and optimum riding comfort. Discover Schwalbe's wheelchair tires, your companions on all your everyday trips and sports activities.

Schwalbe wheelchair tires

Are you looking for wheelchair tires that are extremely puncture resistant? Do you want low rolling resistance and yet safe grip? Are you looking for a wheelchair tire that won't slow you down during sports? Then Schwalbe is the right choice for you. We have the right wheelchair tire for each of your requirements.

With the Schwalbe Marathon Plus, our Flat-less tire, you are not only choosing Schwalbe's best-selling model, but also the most puncture resistant pneumatic tire available. Its 5 mm thick SmartGuard layer resists even tacks, its anti-aging sidewalls tolerate even low air pressure without permanent damage and ensure a long service life. At the same time, the Schwalbe Marathon Plus offers you dynamic rolling behavior and secure grip. The perfect wheelchair tire for road and off-road.

The Schwalbe Dunk King is your specialist for indoor sports. The asymmetrically offset center tread optimally supports the special camber of sports wheelchair wheels. For maximum dynamics and maneuverability, the Dunk King is extremely easy to turn and roll. Its light compound leaves no marks on the gym floor. For best performance during sports - Schwalbe Dunk King.

Our everyday hero is the Schwalbe RightRun. Equipped with a hand-friendly 2Grip sidewall, it also impresses visually with a two-tone color design. In the running center tread of the Schwalbe RightRun is our robust Black'n Roll Compound which provides resistance and resilience. We further support this with an effective puncture protection layer that can handle all everyday demands. And if that's not enough, reach for the Schwalbe RightRun Plus with SmartGuard puncture protection belt - our Flat-less wheelchair tire with the best rolling characteristics.

Trust the decades of expertise and dynamic innovation of Schwalbe - with Schwalbe wheelchair tires you are always comfortable and safe on any terrain.

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