Discover now our extensive range of accessories specifically for your bike tires. Here you will find everything you need for your own bike workshop at home or on the road.

Saddle bag bike: fully equipped

In a saddle bag you can store everything you need or want to take with you on a long tour with your bike. Spare tube, multi-tool, tire levers, a small snack and your keys can easily find space in a saddle bag for the bike. It can be easily and quickly attached to the rails of the saddle, so it does not interfere with the ride comfort and relieves your jersey pockets. Schwalbe has saddlebags for MTB, trekking and tour as well as special, particularly space-saving saddlebags for the road bike in the range. Our high-quality and thoughtfully designed saddlebags are each equipped with a spare tube and tire levers. So you are always well equipped in case of a breakdown. Discover the right saddlebag for your bike at Schwalbe.

Saddle bag road bike - even lighter and smaller

Saddlebags for road bikes must meet specific criteria: They should be as small as possible, as compact as possible and as light as possible, so as not to impair the riding experience, the aerodynamics and the sporty look. The Schwalbe saddlebag for the road bike impresses not only with its discreet race design, but is also particularly slim and space-saving on the sporty bike. Spare tube, tire levers and Multi Tool still find space in the ultra-light saddle bag without any problems. The strong Velcro closure makes it easy to attach the bag to the saddle rail and holds it securely in place.

Schwalbe accessories

Schwalbe is not only Europe's market leader in bicycle tires, offering a comprehensive selection of highly specialized bicycle tires for every need, but also offers a wide range of accessories around the bike. From valve parts to rim tapes, sealants and mounting fluids to special tools like the Schwalbe Tread Cutter, you will find everything you need for your bike at Schwalbe. We support you not only in the choice of your perfect bike tire, but also accompany you with innovative accessories on each of your tours.

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