Discover our wide range of bike tires for your SUV e-bike. The wide bike tires make riding off-road comfortable. But also on bumpy bike paths in the city, these tires offer a high level of comfort. In combination with the high puncture resistance, you are well equipped with SUV bike tires for your e-bike.

The SUV e-bike: urban, sporty, off-road capable

With the SUV e-bike, another genre of increasingly popular e-bike has conquered the market. Also known as a crossover bike, the SUV e-bike is equally at home on the road and on the trail. Off the beaten path, its continuous, comfortable suspension and sporty design mean that it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ride comfort. SUV stands for "Sports Utility Vehicle" and is originally a term from the automotive industry, which uses this term to describe models that are also suitable for off-road use. The SUV e-bike is happy to make the leap from asphalt to gravel roads and is particularly suitable for riders who use their bike in city traffic, but also want to challenge themselves with extended and sporty tours in rougher terrain. With the assisted drive, all challenges are possible, regardless of fitness, training level or age. You get the best support for grip, comfort and riding fun on your crossover or SUV e-bike with the special bike tires from Schwalbe, such as the Schwalbe Hurricane, the Super Moto X or the absolute specialist for SUV e-bikes, the Schwalbe Johnny Watts.

SUV e-bike tires: Grip, comfort and riding fun without a puncture.

Schwalbe offers a wide range of bicycle tires specifically for the SUV e-bike. Biting grip with optimum rolling characteristics, high puncture resistance and best riding comfort are the outstanding features of Schwalbe SUV e-bike tires.

The Schwalbe Hurricane moves skillfully between road and light terrain. Its smooth central tread makes it a whisper-quiet and smoothly gliding companion on asphalt, while the grippy shoulder lugs provide grip, traction and safety when switching to gravel roads or forest trails. The Hurricane has an E-50 approval and is ideal for all riders looking for a puncture protected bike tire for both road and light off-road requirements.

With the Schwalbe Super Moto X you have the best comfort on your e-bike. Its large and voluminous design ensures maximum riding comfort even on light terrain. Speed - the Super Moto X also has the E-50 approval for fast e-bikes. Its width and grippy tread ensure safety and its outstanding puncture resistance as well as its pleasant riding characteristics make it the right SUV e-bike tire for those who love maximum comfort on all routes.

The Schwalbe Johnny Watts is the perfect all-rounder for crossover bikes. Its versatile profile loves the road as well as the trail, gravel and forest. The thoughtfully placed blocks provide grip and excellent braking properties in every maneuver and every turn. At the same time, the Johnny Watts rolls smoothly and with low vibration on asphalt. With its enormous resilience and puncture resistance, the Johnny Watts is our all-rounder for your fast SUV e-bike.

Experience your all-terrain rides on the SUV E-Bike and raise comfort, grip and puncture resistance to the next level with the professional support of Schwalbe, Europe's market leader for bicycle tires.

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