Discover our wide range of winter tires for your e-bike. Especially for the winter season with snow and ice, our bike tires offer you better grip and a safer riding experience. Even in slippery conditions, a comfortable ride is guaranteed with our e-bike winter tires.

E-Bike winter tires

The e-bike is the ideal companion in winter if you want to be on two wheels all year round. Its assisted ride is particularly helpful in cold weather and with thick clothing, because it saves you effort and muscle power and thus lets you stay cool even under warm clothing. Optimal lighting and reflective clothing are important for your safety: they allow you to be visible to other road users even in winter morning darkness or early dusk. We have summarized more winter tips for cyclists for you in our blog. Your e-bike can cope well with winter temperatures as long as its battery doesn't get too cold - this significantly reduces its performance and service life. In severe sub-zero temperatures, you should not leave it outside for long or cover it with a protective cover. Even in winter, the e-bike is your choice of transport for the city? Do you want to take your e-bike on tours or ride through city traffic even when it's cold, wet or snowy? Then you need the professional support of a special e-bike winter tire.

Marathon Winter Plus - your safe companion in winter

Challenging weather conditions place special demands on the bicycle tire used. With the Marathon Winter Plus, Schwalbe has developed the ideal tire for winter road conditions, offering you maximum safety, excellent grip and high riding comfort. Wet, snow and even ice do not trouble the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus - its special winter compound, siped tread and studs defy all demanding winter conditions. Thanks to its outstanding properties in the area of grip, even fast braking maneuvers or steep turns are no problem for the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus. Its SmartGuard insert offers maximum puncture protection. With its extensive size availability, the Marathon Winter Plus is also suitable for your e-bike E-25.

Brave winter road conditions and enjoy safe and comfortable rides with the e-bike winter tire from Schwalbe, Europe's market leader in bicycle tires.

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