Discover our wide range of sealants and mounting fluids for your bike tires. Easy Fit or the Doc Blue Professional, this and many more accessories for your bike tires can be found in our range.

Schwalbe Doc Blue - tire sealant and tubeless conversion.

Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional is not only suitable for repair and preventive puncture protection treatment of bicycle tires, but also supports you in tubeless conversion. Tubeless suitable tires benefit from the easy handling and highly effective Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional and then convince with smooth running performance. As preventative puncture protection, it is effective for 2 to 7 months in the tire, depending on mileage. Special particles in the innovative tire sealant ensure that it is also suitable for use with minor damage to the bicycle tire and seals securely. Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional can be renewed several times and is suitable for all bicycle tubes that have a replaceable valve core. Enjoy tire sealant at an absolutely professional level with Schwalbe!

Schwalbe Easy Fit mounting fluid

Are you looking for a mounting fluid that not only makes installing your bicycle tire easier, but also evaporates completely and is easy to apply? Then Schwalbe Easy Fit assembly fluid is your choice. Thanks to the sponge applicator, the assembly fluid can be applied to the tire bead without mess and helps it to be inflated to the correct rim position as smoothly as possible. After 10 minutes the liquid has evaporated without leaving any residue. Simple, practical and no additional tools required: Schwalbe Easy Fit mounting fluid is the ideal tool for effortless tire mounting. The practical sponge container can be refilled again and again thanks to the refill container that is also available - our contribution to more sustainability. You can find even more information about sustainability at Schwalbe, our tube recycling program and our promise for long-lasting products in the Schwalbe Insides.

Also discover the other professional accessories from Schwalbe around your bike tire, such as valve parts or rim tapes.

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