For safety and performance, the tire and rim on the bike must be perfectly matched. This applies all the more to tubeless tires. In addition to the classic hooked rims (crotched type), so-called “hookless” rims (straight side) are becoming increasingly popular in the current model year. Hookless rims in particular place high demands on tubeless tires for safe operation. The Schwalbe TLR/TLE models (from model year 2020) are designed to meet these special requirements, especially in the bead core area, and are therefore generally compatible.

Rim manufacturers often use wider inner bead widths for their hookless rims. The air pressure should therefore be selected lower, as the real volume of the tire increases with wider inner rim widths.

According to the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization), hookless rims have a maximum pressure of 5 bar for road bikes. This tire pressure must be adhered to even if the tire print has a higher maximum pressure engraved on it. If the specified maximum pressure of the rim is lower than that of the tire, the maximum pressure of the rim must be observed. There are also restrictions imposed by the rim manufacturer with regard to the choice of tire, which must also be observed. Many rim and wheel manufacturers recommend a minimum tire width of 28 mm in order to be able to ride the low air pressure without any problems. Translated with (free version)


  • Hookless rims, also known as “straight side”, are characterised by the fact that the small hook at the end of the rim flank is missing.
  • The official designation for tubeless hookless rims according to ETRTO is “TSS” (Tubeless Straight Side).
  • The rim used must comply with the ETRTO standard for hookless rims (straight side).
  • The specified maximum pressure of the tire and rim must be adhered to. If the specified maximum pressure of the rim is lower than that of the tire, the maximum pressure of the rim must be complied with. This is usually the case with tubeless hookless rims (TSS).
  • Only tires marked “TLE/TLR” (Tubeless Easy/Tubeless Ready) from the Schwalbe portfolio may be combined with hookless or straight side rims. These tires can be used both with inner tubes and tubeless on hookless rims. The compatible (tubeless) and tire widths specified by the wheel/rim manufacturer must be taken into account. In particular the minimum tire widths. This restriction applies regardless of the intended use (MTB, gravel/cross, city/tour, road bike).
  • Maximum air pressure recommendations for Schwalbe TLE/TLR tires on hookless or straight side rims are as follows in accordance with the ETRTO:

    Tire width in mm
    Max. Air pressure in bar
    18-245,5 bar
    25-295 bar
    30-344,5 bar
    35-394 bar
    40-443,5 bar
    45-543 bar
    55-642,5 bar
    65-742 bar
    75-841,5 bar


  • Less weight compared to conventional "hook" rims.
  • Hookless rims produce a rounder tire contour, which has a positive effect on the riding characteristics.
  • Due to the comparatively high volume of tires on hookless rims, the practical air pressures are significantly lower. This increases comfort and grip.
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