We have believed in tubeless technology right from the beginning - putting a lot of pioneering research and development into this area. Now we are convinced: Tubeless is the tire technology of the future! This is true for mountain and gravel bikes and especially for road bikes.

What are tubeless tires?

Tubeless tires function without an additional inner tube. Schwalbe Tubeless Easy or Tubeless Ready tires are not tubeless tires in the strict sense of the word, but can be converted to tubeless tires with the help of sealing fluid. The sealant (Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional) inside the tire ensures airtightness and offers numerous advantages. For one thing, there is no unnecessary friction between the tire and tube, which has a positive effect on rolling resistance, and which is much lower than with conventional pneumatic tires. Secondly, tubeless tires offer a high level of puncture resistance, as the sealing fluid immediately seals small penetration holes securely. Tubeless tires can also be ridden with lower air pressure, which allows more control and grip while offering enormous riding comfort benefits. Schwalbe is convinced of this innovative technology and has done a lot of research and development in recent years into tubeless tires being ridden at the very highest level of sport and competition

Schwalbe Tubeless - innovative, puncture-proof, lightweight

Schwalbe Tubeless Easy and Tubeless Ready technology enables tubeless riding with the best grip, maximum comfort and outstanding puncture resistance. Tubeless tires are ideal for the road bike, because without an inner tube additional weight is saved. Schwalbe Pro One TLE and Schwalbe Pro One TT are Schwalbe's road bike tires that have been specially developed for riding with tubeless technology and offer a whole new dimension of low weight and low rolling resistance, maximum speed and maximum puncture resistance.

Also on the mountain bike Tubeless tires are the ideal companion for demanding surfaces and allow maximum control thanks to lower air pressure. All MTB Evolution Line tires and selected Performance Line tires are tubeless compatible. Tour & City bikes or cross and gravel bikes also benefit from tubeless technology and are the ideal alternative for anyone who values high puncture resistance, optimum riding comfort and low rolling resistance.

Convert to tubeless 

With the special Schwalbe rim tape, the rim is prepared for tubeless installation. Schwalbe Easy Fit allows a pleasant and effortless installation, because it lets the tire bead easily slide into the correct position on the rim during inflation. Tubeless valves are available from Schwalbe in various stem lengths and also allow an improved flow of air and sealing fluid with the widened inner diameter of the valve base. The Schwalbe Tire Booster provides a boost of compressed air up to a pressure of eleven bar - completely without the need for a powered compressor - just using a track pump. As a sealing fluid Schwalbe offers Doc Blue Professional: optimal and fast sealing with smaller quantities. For tires 23-60 mm wide, 60-90 ml per tire is sufficient, and for tires between 62-100 mm, 90-120 ml is sufficient. The sealing fluid must be renewed after about 2000 km of riding or 2 to 7 months to ensure optimum puncture resistance and maximum riding comfort in the long term.

All further information and detailed instructions for tubeless mounting can be found under Tubeless Technology.

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