A Balloonbike differs from a normal bike in one important way: It has much wider tires! The large volume air cushion of these special tires has a natural damping effect – so complicated suspension technology is made redundant. A simple idea with a big effect: It is easier, more comfortable and relaxed when riding a Balloonbike.

Balloonbike – maximum comfort

Biking with maximum comfort: the Balloonbike is ideal for this. Schwalbe offers you a selection of special Balloonbike tires for your bike. The air suspension of these special tires acts as natural damping, which not only provides excellent riding comfort, but also allows comfortable and particularly back-friendly riding. This is ideal for all cyclists who, for example, have bone or joint problems, a strained spine or problems with the intervertebral discs - completely without additional suspension of the bicycle frame. But also for uneven road conditions Balloonbikes are the ideal choice. Bumpy ground, sudden braking or steering maneuvers and even streetcar tracks do not upset the bike thanks to its full width. With the Schwalbe Balloon tires, you can also transform your suitable city, cross or e-bike into a Balloonbike without much effort and enjoy the new riding experience.

Schwalbe Big Ben and Schwalbe Big Ben Plus for your Balloonbike

Schwalbe is not only Europe's market leader in bicycle tires, but has also reinvented the Balloonbike! The idea of a bicycle with extra wide tires is not new. Already at the beginning of the last century, people used extra wide tires to make cycling more comfortable on the bad road conditions of the time.

Schwalbe introduced the Big Apple in 2001, the first balloon bike tire that had decisive advantages over other models in this category: its easy rolling and perfect controllability on the road.

The absolute classic and your ideal companion in road traffic is the Schwalbe Big Ben. Its large volume promises the best comfort, its grippy profile conveys safety and its modern design in several colors make it an eye-catcher on your urban bike. For your e-bike, the Big Ben Plus is the ideal choice: resilient, comfortable and certified according to ECE-R75 standard.

Balloonbike tires from Schwalbe

Balloonbike tires behave differently on contact with the ground than a standard bicycle tire. They roll off more easily and thus less energy is lost. The air pressure can be adjusted individually, but is optimally between 2.0 and 2.5 bar. Schwalbe offers with the Airmax Pro also, a suitable air pressure tester, which helps you to maintain your ideal pressure with all tires.

Ride with the Balloonbike tires from Schwalbe: lighter, more comfortable and healthier. Discover Schwalbe Big Apple, our pioneer of comfort, Schwalbe Big Ben, our urban all-rounder and Big Ben Plus, our specialist for your e-bike.