Push yourself to your limits and demand the most from your tire. When the pressure is on, it shows its true colors: more grip, more speed, more mileage.

Addix tires from Schwalbe - the new generation MTB tires.

Bike tires for mountain biking are subject to special requirements. Off paved roads, they should support you with secure grip, optimum damping, best braking traction and outstanding riding comfort. Cross Country, All Mountain, Trail, Enduro and Downhill: Schwalbe is a professional in the field of MTB bike tires and has set new standards with the development of the Addix compound.

Schwalbe Addix: The compound that loves maximum loads

The development of the Schwalbe Addix compounds was under the objective of significantly improving grip and rolling resistance, while providing optimum damping and enormous durability. After years of development with rubber compounds of different compositions, the use of the highest quality raw materials, the latest mixing and processing technology and countless tests under extreme conditions, Schwalbe presents with its Addix tires, a new generation of MTB tires for the highest demands. Four highly specialized compounds that meet the different challenges and demands of ambitious MTB riding in outstanding quality are available.

Addix compounds consist of a special blend of natural and synthetic rubbers and are designed for maximum durability with optimum riding characteristics. Discover our four compounds with different performance focuses and enjoy MTB riding at the highest level.

Addix Speed, Addix Speedgrip, Addix Soft and Addix Ultra Soft.

Red stands for speed: Schwalbe Addix Speed with particularly low rolling resistance loves cross country races and is our fastest rubber compound.

Blue indicates Schwalbe Addix Speedgrip. Our universal compound offers an excellent combination of good rolling resistance and biting grip. Ideal for use in trail, downhill or enduro. At the same time, Addix Speedgrip is enormously resilient and offers long durability.

Orange is the color of our softer compound, which loves especially demanding all-mountain tours and trail riding. Biting grip combined with pleasant damping make Schwalbe Addix Soft the ideal choice for your trail, all-mountain, enduro or e-bike. In combination with other tires in the Addix series you can create individually tailored riding characteristics that meet your needs exactly.

Purple stands for Schwalbe Addix Ultra Soft, the compound for all those who love the special challenges in downhill and enduro riding. It has optimal damping properties and the highest possible grip levels, and is therefore ideal when on the hunt to save those extra precious seconds in your downhill or enduro race - the seconds that might get you a place on the podium.

Schwalbe Addix tires for the MTB

Schwalbe Addix is available for many models in our MTB tire range. Schwalbe Big Betty, our specialist for downhill and enduro with long braking edges and aggressive profile, can be perfectly adapted to your needs for demanding downhill with the choice of Addix Ultra Soft. Schwalbe Racing Ralph can be optimized with Addix Speed, even more specific to your next XC race. And Schwalbe Wicked Will with the Addix Speedgrip is even more versatile to use on the trail.

Schwalbe Addix Compounds are perfect for year-round use due to their special composition, which easily tolerates temperature fluctuations.

Discover the versatile Addix compounds from Schwalbe and choose exactly the MTB tire that suits you.