Discover our wide range of MTB tires now! Whether speed, demanding surface or durability - whatever your focus is, here you are guaranteed to find a tire that meets your requirements

Schwalbe MTB tires

The mountain bike is your companion on all trails and paths that lie off the paved roads. Schwalbe mountain bike tires offer you for every off-road bike the best performance, safe handling and a perfect riding experience. Even in the most challenging terrain. All-Mountain and Enduro, Downhill, Cross-Country or Freeride: Schwalbe has developed the right tire for each specific requirement. Optimal properties in the areas of grip, cornering safety, suspension behavior and brake support make Schwalbe MTB tires the first choice for off-road fans. Again and again, numerous test victories affirm our innovative spirit; which strives for constant improvement from the status quo - and thus creates bicycle tires of the highest quality and riding pleasure.

Mountain bike tires: the right tire for every type of mountain bike.

When it comes to mountain bike tires, there is an optimal solution for every requirement for optimal riding, perfect traction and safe controllability of the bike. Front and rear tires can be different tires for optimal control of the bike to achieve the best riding performance. Innovative rubber compounds that find the right balance between rolling resistance and wet grip with their excellent material properties are a signature feature for Schwalbe bicycle tires. For the requirements of different types of terrain and touring routes, Schwalbe has developed sophisticated profiles that provide optimum grip, best acceleration and maximum safety on the respective surface. Cold, mud, rain, sandy terrain or stony climbs: Schwalbe mountain bike tires are up to any challenge.

The MTB specialists from Schwalbe: Schwalbe Magic Mary, Schwalbe Smart Sam and much more

Downhill riders will love the Magic Mary tire. A full-on mountain bike tire that defies all terrain challenges. With its pronounced profile and wide shoulder lugs, it has a biting adherence to the trail in all corners and translates braking forces with equal vigor. Thanks to its specially designed V-lugs, it offers the best grip, even on muddy surfaces.

The grippy Nobby Nic is Schwalbe's all-rounder for any terrain. No surface causes him problems, no weather condition weakens his performance. Its tread, which has been revised again this season, offers the best traction and excellent self-cleaning properties thanks to well thought-out lug arrangement. Your tire for cross-country, enduro and all mountain - and thanks to its low weight, hardly noticeable.

Smart Sam lives up to its name: He effortlessly switches between the requirements of asphalt and off-road and turns out to be a top performer on both surfaces. Pleasant rolling behavior, secure grip and long durability make it a popular all-rounder.
With the Schwalbe Racing Ray and Schwalbe Racing Ralph as the perfect pairing for the front and rear wheels, respectively, of all cross-country bikes you have exactly the support you need for precise jumps, fast direction changes and challenging trails. Together, the power duo of MTB tires unfolds optimal rolling resistance with secure grip and cornering, effortless controllability and the best braking performance. The interaction of the special profiles allows a level of controllability of the bike even in steep cornering, which is unparalleled.

When choosing Schwalbe, you choose mature and innovative bicycle tires that have only one goal: the optimal riding experience.

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