When using hookless rims, the correct use is extremely important whereby the prescribed operating parameters and mounting requirements must be adhered to. In contrast to rims with hooks on the inner-rim flange, hookless rims (hookless: "without hooks") have a straight sidewall on the inside and usually a wider rim width. "Hookless or straight side rims may only be combined with Schwalbe TLE/TLR tires (Tubeless Easy/Tubeless Ready). These tires can be used both with inner tubes and tubeless on hookless rims. The compatible (tubeless) tire widths specified by the wheel/rim manufacturer must be taken into account. In particular the minimum tire widths. This restriction applies regardless of the intended use (MTB, gravel/cross, city/tour, road bike)," emphasizes Schwalbe Product Manager Felix Schäfermeier.

Important: Correct tire pressure

The correct tire pressure is important when using Schwalbe TLE/TLR tires with hookless rims. According to the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization), hookless rims have a maximum pressure of 5 bar for road bikes. This tire pressure must be adhered to even if the maximum pressure stated on the sidewall of the tire shows a higher maximum pressure. If the specified maximum pressure of the rim is lower than that of the tire, the maximum pressure of the rim must be complied with. There are also restrictions imposed by the rim manufacturer with regard to the choice of tire, which must also be observed. In addition, many rim and wheel manufacturers recommend a minimum tire width of 28 mm in order to be able to ride the low air pressure without any problems.

Schwalbe tires safe thanks to high-strength bead core

Schwalbe's tubeless tires are safe on hookless rims if they are used with the correct tire width and air pressure. This is due to the bead core, for which one property is essential: it must be high-strength and must not expand. This is ultimately more expensive in production, but for such a safety-relevant component, it is completely non-negotiable for us at Schwalbe. Thanks to the high-strength core, the tire does not expand under pressure and stays on the rim. Schwalbe builds tires that fit perfectly on ETRTO-compliant rims. Schäfermeier: "Our bead core is extremely strong and stable and makes no compromises when it comes to safety. At the same time, it enables easy fitting without any tools." The inner diameter of the bead core also plays a decisive role: at Schwalbe, it has perfect dimensions so that the tire fits securely and is easy to mount and inflate.

Schwalbe tests go far beyond requirements
Schwalbe plays it safe in its extensive tests: While the ISO specifies 1.1 times the pressure applied for five minutes for safety tests of compatible tire and wheel sizes with a hookless system, Schwalbe tests all products for 1.6 times the maximum permissible air pressure for tires or rims for a period of 60 minutes, including the TLR/TLE tires on the hookless rims. Nevertheless, the specified tire and rim pressure must be observed.