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Registration for the rides

We bring you together! Find out more about the locations and the schedules. You can register now for the first two rides this year. As far as speed is concerned, the motto for all rides is "LOOK SLOW GO PRO", making them perfect for anyone who wants to develop their skills and achieve new goals. Simply click on the desired ride and off you go. We look forward to seeing you!

Challenges with the Souplesse Club Team and Paul Ripke:

3 Country Ride

3 Länder Tour Karte

Looking for a special kind of adventure? Then the "3 Countries Ride" is just the perfect choice for you!

Meet us at 8:30 am at the Warbel bakery for a quick snack and a delicious coffee before we set off at 9:00 am.

Our destination? To cross Germany, Holland and Belgium on one ride!
We want to ride as a homogeneous group, so it is important that you realistically assess whether you are fit enough for the route and the altitude difference when you register and come with a technically perfect bike. It's not about being the fastest, but about having fun together and enjoying the landscape, although the route is still tough. But don't worry, a tasty chip break is of course provided!

So grab your bike and come along, we're looking forward to an unforgettable day!

To the challenge video

Triathlon in Roth

Triathlon in Roth Karte

Join Anna and Jonas Deichmann for a triathlon in Roth.

The goal is simple: swim, cycle and run in one day. No matter how long you want to make the individual distances and how long your transitions and breaks are.
Anna has set herself the half-distance as her goal and Jonas is completing the full distance as part of his 120-day Roth Challenge. The starting signal will be given for both at 7:00 am at Rothsee, south of Nuremburg. Around 8:35 a.m. it's off to the bike. Anna plans to start the run around 12:30, Jonas around 14:35.

Important: Please bring your own, technically sound road bike - no time trial bikes! And remember, the schedule is not set in stone, but more of an approximate time. It's about having fun together and supporting each other.
Please also have a look at Jonas' website for information about his plans, and don't forget that he is aiming for a world record. This means, among other things, that he is not allowed to ride in the slipstream of other riders.

We look forward to everyone taking part or supporting us from the side of the course!

Challenges that can take place anywhere:

You are not on site, but still want to take on the challenge? No problem! Take part in our location-independent challenges and show your creativity and motivation, no matter where you are in the world!

And the best thing about it? As a reward, you'll receive an exclusive collectible badge that celebrates your achievement and rewards you for your efforts. Simply upload documentation of your activity, such as a screenshot of your Strava recording, and the badge is yours!

11.05.2024 - 3 Country Ride - by Stefan >>

12.05.2024 - Do a triathlon on May 12 (no matter what distance) - by Anna >> >>

Juni - Ride an official race in June - by Rafael >>

15.06.2024 - Ride 178km of gravel on June 15 - by Paul >>

29.06.2024 - Document your ride on video - by Flo >>

13.07.2024 - SAVE THE DATE - to be announced
27.-28.07.2024 - SAVE THE DATE - to be announced
12.-14.09.2024 - SAVE THE DATE - to be announced

Images & documents

Important behavior rules

- Observe StVZO traffic regulations (red lights, traffic signs, etc.)
- There is a helmet obligation
- Your bike must be in a technically perfect condition
- No more than two riders abreast when riding in groups
- Pay attention to hand signals of the guides or riders in front of you and pass them on to riders behind you (obstacles, turns, etc.)
- Leading guides must not be overtaken
- Garbage/waste belongs in the jersey pocket or disposed of in existing garbage container
- Always be respectful to others.

In case you need to cancel your participation at short notice, we ask you for a prompt cancellation message to the following phone number +492265109850 (forwarding to the organizing team)! This will help us to plan the required level of catering for the entire group.

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