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Schwalbe has published its second CSR report. Under the title "Dedicated Recyclists", the bicycle tyre manufacturer discloses its CSR commitment and describes the progress in achieving the ambitious goals for the reporting year 2022. CEO Frank Bohle: "With our second CSR report, we not only ensure transparency, but also want to provide a source of inspiration with our commitment. Our fundamental belief is to take responsibility with the clear goal of helping to shape a better world for future generations."

A milestone in 2022 was the presentation of the Schwalbe Recycling System. As a pioneer, the family-owned company is leading the way in recycling used inner tubes and tyres. With 1.8 million recycled bicycle inner tubes worldwide, which have already been collected since 2015 and used for the production of new Schwalbe inner tubes, a new record value was achieved. As the first and still only tyre manufacturer worldwide, Schwalbe has been recycling used bicycle tyres since July 2022, and in the first six months there were already 184,000 units. With this year's presentation of the Green Marathon, the circle has now been closed and the world's first bicycle tyre made from used tyres was presented.

Schwalbe consistently pursues the goal of minimising its negative impact on the climate and nature while making positive contributions. An important building block for reducing emissions is a modified logistics strategy, which has been optimised step by step since 2018 and as a result has already saved 8,600 tonnes of CO2eQ. The almost complete elimination of air freight has played a large part in this. Across all business units, Schwalbe has reduced its emissions by 39% from 2018 to 2022 despite increasing sales. In addition to its ecological responsibility, Schwalbe has also systematically driven forward its social commitment. The focus here is on supporting children and young people. With the founding of the Schwalbe Children's Advisory Council, children of employees are now regularly allowed to decide which children's aid projects the company will support with a total of 15,000 euros.

Frank Bohle: "Our quest for more social and ecological responsibility is far from over. We strive to continuously improve while maintaining our pioneering spirit." That is why Schwalbe wants to continue to live up to its pioneering role in terms of ecological and social responsibility in the years to come.

An excerpt from the most important goals up to the year 2025:

  • 4.5 million recycled tyres + more than 15 million recycled bicycle inner tubes
  • Use of recycled materials in all tyres and inner tubes
  • Life cycle analyses for all tyres and inner tubes
  • Implement 25 projects of the Children's Advisory Council

The CSR report is based on the Sustainability Reporting Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards). These internationally recognised guidelines enable standardisation and comparability of all sustainability topics between different companies, even outside the bicycle industry. It can be read here:

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