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New centerpiece at the headquarters in Reichshof: Schwalbe has moved into its hybrid building, which was built over the past three years on an area of around 2,200 square meters. As far as possible, the family business has been guided by the cradle-to-cradle principle when it comes to sustainable construction, according to which only materials that can be recycled at the end of their useful life are used.
Excellent cleaning effect, long service life and only natural ingredients: The new "Natural Bike Soap" from Schwalbe is a product that combines environmental compatibility with the best cleaning power.
It is made entirely from natural substances in Germany, is dermatologically tested, vegan and free of microplastics. Therefore, neither paintwork nor tires are attacked during cleaning. The soap is 100% biodegradable according to OECD.
“Our product, testing and marketing teams ride and test tires all year round. So we have to wash and care for a lot of bikes. Refilling the cleaning products is a good start. But then, over a beer after the tour and the bike service, we looked at all the cleaning products on our shelves and started thinking about other solutions. Not a bottle, but a product that lasts, works simply and is completely environmentally friendly. Out came the good old soap”, says product manager Peter Krischio.
The soap comes in a starter set, completely put together according to sustainability criteria:
The Bike Soap comes in a recyclable tin for storage and with an organic horsehair brush for foaming and cleaning. The set packaging consists of a reusable mesh bag made of wood fibers that is compostable after its life cycle.

on the new Schwalbe Natural Bike Soap with Schwalbe's product manager Peter Krischio
Why did Schwalbe produce a bike soap?
Schwalbe has been actively working on the topic of tube and tire recycling for years. We now have our own CSR team, recycling management and the environment are lived every day in our company. The idea came from our own practical need to wash many bikes frequently, using less cleaning material that lasts much longer.
What is the soap?
Quite simply: it lasts a very long time and can be developed in a very environmentally friendly way. The soap is easily degradable according to OECD, without perfume and without microplastics. A soap is enough for up to 100 washes - if you calculate that down to the price of 7.90 euros, a single wash is extremely cheap. It has an excellent cleaning effect, has a degreasing effect and is highly foaming. The dirt particles on the bike are covered and can then be washed off without scratching. The soap also has fat-dissolving properties. It's all very simple.
How does the soap work?
First, hose down the bike completely with water and remove the coarse dirt. Foam the soap with a damp brush or sponge. Then you clean your bike with the brush and then rinse it off with water. Lather the brush twice or three times with fresh soap, that's enough for one wash. Then wash off the soap again and store it in the tin can. Zack, you're done.


The right helper for emergencies on the go: the Schwalbe SOS Pump is small, handy and extremely stable. It is only 12.9 cm long and fits either in any jersey pocket or can be attached directly to the frame, it is also suitable for tubeless. A frame holder is included. A smart detail is the pump handle, which can be locked by turning. When inflating, it is clamped directly to the valve and not screwed. This prevents wear and ensures high tightness. An additional seal prevents dirt from entering the SOS Pump. The anodized surface gives the aluminum pump a high-quality design. Bikers on racing bikes, gravel bikes or mountain bikes can go on tour with even more peace of mind with the SOS Pump - if an emergency occurs, they are well equipped.

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