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Johnny Watts 365 - The M&S tire for the bike

Whether commuting to work, kids to daycare or traveling by bike: Bicycles are increasingly replacing the second car and are thus in use all year round - in all weathers. For this challenge, Schwalbe has further developed the proven Johnny Watts SUV tire again with a special new 365 version.
Karin Warlast lives in the middle of Berlin and has tested the tire:
"When the third child came, the second car became too small. So I switched to an S-pedelec and trailer, and it still works very well today. Whether commuting to work, kids to daycare or longer tours with S-Bahn and bike to Brandenburg. In the city we have many broken and everything from broken roads, cobblestones to rough gravel roads. Puncture protection and safety are therefore extremely important to me. And for the winter, I don't want to change tires either."
The new Johnny Watts 365 delivers the perfect tire solution for exactly these needs, everything revolves around the theme of safety:
• 365 - Safety all year round - an independent product line in the Schwalbe tire range
• 15% more tread depth - improved grip off the road
• More open tread - for better interlocking on all surfaces, even slush
• Sipes on all studs - improve grip in critical situations
• Extra tuned rubber compound - Addix 4 Season - safety for the most adverse temperatures. The tire retains its grippy properties even at the lowest temperatures of up to - 20 degrees° Celsius.
• For year-round safety, a compromise is made between rolling resistance and grip, as in the case of Auto M&S tires*.
Puncture protection - the Johnny Watts 365 has very good Schwalbe- puncture protection with Double Defense - against edges, potholes and shards
Reflective stripes - extra visibility for commuters and for the dark seasons
Saves time and effort - no need for extra tire changes for the winter months
*M&S stands as an abbreviation for mud & snow


The combined puncture protection is available in the Johnny Watts 365 in two versions. In the folding tire version protect SnakeSkin (all around) and additional RaceGuard under the tread. In the clincher version protect GreenGuard under the tread and SnakeSkin on the sidewalls.
Extremely versatile rubber compound, specially adapted to the conditions of year-round use. The tire retains its grippy properties even at the lowest temperatures down to - 20 degrees C.
The reflective stripes shine very brightly in the headlight. Since they shine back in the direction of the headlight, you are very well seen and perceived as a cyclist by the two tire-sized circles of light. For more safety in road traffic.
In addition to the Johnny Watts 365, there is also the Marathon 365, which replaces the Marathon GT 365 and also offers plenty of grip and very good puncture protection at any time of the year.

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