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Schwalbe presents the new G-ONE RS Gravel race tire at the Unbound Gravel.

Road speed with cyclocross grip: After intensive development work and long series of tests, Schwalbe presents its fastest gravel tire to date: the G-ONE RS.
Back in 2015, when very few cyclists even knew the word gravel, Schwalbe launched its first gravel tire, the G-ONE Allround. Seven years later, Gravel has evolved into a full-fledged cycling segment, with specific new products, events and a growing Gravel community.

Racing has always been an important rider for Schwalbe and the R&D team, and the ever-increasing number of gravel races is an additional motivation. After Amity Rockwell won the Unbound Gravel in 2019 with the G-ONE Allround and finished second in 2021 with the G-ONE R, the goal was to develop a tire with even more speed.
The middle section of the RS tire has a specially developed scale structure that gives the rider more braking traction or steering grip depending on the direction of travel - and makes the tire super fast. In order to get the most out of the properties, the G-ONE RS has different running directions for use on the front and rear wheels.
Compared to the G-ONE R, the RS has 20% less rolling resistance - Schwalbe's developers have opted for a semi-slick version for maximum speed. The inspiration for the right grip came from Schwalbe's own cross tire X ONE Speed - this is how the slightly angled side blocks can be found on the tire, which offer maximum grip or braking power depending on the rolling direction.

The performance of the G-ONE RS is the sum of:

  • Super race carcass
  • V Guard puncture protection
  • Addix Race compound

Schwalbe Tech-Innovation 101 

The Super Race carcass was first introduced in Schwalbe's PRO ONE. It gave IRONMAN World Champion Patrick Lange a speed advantage in his Kona 2018 win, offering more grip, suppleness and puncture protection. The technology can now also be found in the Schwalbe MTB racing tires Racing Ralph and Racing Ray, with which the Speed Company Racing team of Lukas Baum and Georg Egger won the Cape Epic in 2022.

Semi slick with special grip

The unique, scale-shaped middle profile of the G-ONE RS has a special design aspect that, depending on the direction of rotation, gives it additional steering or braking grip and, of course, significantly more speed.

The G-ONE RS is available in the following sizes:

35 mm for cyclo-cross frames and the new category of endurance road bikes
40mm for all racers
45 mm for those looking for more grip and comfort in off-road use
Option: Of course you can mix G-ONE R and G-ONE RS.

A little advance warning:

Switching from the previous gravel tire to the new Schwalbe G-ONE RS can take a little time. For example with all riders who have driven the G-One R so far. The new G-ONE RS gives direct feedback in curves. Thanks to the two distinct tread sections, riders get instant feedback when transitioning from the semi-smooth center tread to the grippy shoulder blocks. As soon as you start cornering at higher speeds, there is a risk of addiction - speed beyond your limits. Very important: Find your personal best tire pressure.

For the best possible tire pressure, please consider the following:

Rider's weight - driving style - location - tire width - rim width

Race-tested: Even before the Schwalbe G-ONE RS starts at the first edition of the Unbound Gravel, the tire has already been tested over 200 km at “The Traka” race in Girona and has proven itself extremely well there. Dutchman Ivar Slik won the race in a breathtaking sprint after 6.26 hours of racing. At the Gravel Locos, the Schwalbe G-One RS even celebrated a double success - Jasper Ockeloen won ahead of Ivar Slick after more than 7 hours of racing.

Schwalbe athletes at Unbound (selection):

Ivar Slik, Paul Voß, Amity Rockwell, Jasper Ockeloen, Rob Britton, Erwin Sikkens, BrittLee Bowman 

Schwalbe: The perfect tire for every cyclist

Schwalbe has been developing bicycle tires since 1973. Technology innovation, tire design, development and testing takes place at Schwalbe's headquarters in Reichshof, Germany. Tire production takes place exclusively at Schwalbe's partner Hung-A in Asia. Schwalbe has set standards with the Marathon, Racing Ralph, Magic Mary, Pro ONE and G-ONE R. In addition to the development and production of innovative cycling products, Schwalbe has been investing just as much energy in the development of innovative solutions for recycling inner tubes and tires since 2011.


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