Complete relaunch: Schwalbe presents new brand positioning

Brand appearance is consistently rethought and bundled under the claim "Get there".

In the year of Schwalbe's 50th birthday, the brand is repositioning itself for the future. Just in time for the Eurobike 2023 in Frankfurt, Schwalbe is presenting itself with a new logo, a new color and a consistently new brand identity. In many discussions internally and with partners, Schwalbe has worked out the core of its own success story and recorded it as a brand positioning for the future: moving confidence is what has driven the people at Schwalbe and the Ralf Bohle GmbH behind it for so many decades. At the same time, this is what Schwalbe wants to convey to its customers with the quality of its tires.

This message is expressed in the new brand claim: Get there. A claim that is both a promise and a motivating call: Let's just get started. We will reach our destination, wherever it may be. This is the attitude that has already produced the marathon and many other tire highlights of the past decades. The brand image was also consistently rethought. It should make visible and tangible what Schwalbe promises and offers. This is exactly what Schwalbe is presenting for the first time at Eurobike 2023 in Frankfurt, accompanied by an equally consistently redesigned exhibition stand, an extensive analogue and digital communication campaign - and of course also with new tire models that are unique in the world.

The Green Marathon is particularly noteworthy here, as it is the first tire in the world to close the cycle and was made from recycled tires, among other things. With a total of 70% recycled and renewable materials, it sets the new standard for environmental friendliness in tire development - and the starting point for the environmentally friendly optimization of all Schwalbe products. Philipp Jahn, Brand Manager at Schwalbe: “As a pioneer in tube and tire recycling, we are promoting our ecological responsibility for our products – the next milestone is the Green Marathon. At the same time, a joint effort by all is needed to strengthen the bicycle culture for more environmentally friendly mobility. Schwalbe wants to be a driving force in this movement based on the confidence that we can really achieve something.” On the way from the hidden champion from the Bergisches Land, Schwalbe has become an international brand for high-quality bicycle tires. With around 200 employees in the company headquarters in Reichshof and a turnover of 335 million euros in 2022. Swallow. Get there..

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