We at Schwalbe are convinced that cycling belongs irreplaceably to our everyday culture – quite simply, because it is a natural, humane form of mobility.

Nowadays, there are lots of countries and, in particular, large metropoles, that are (re)discovering bike riding as an alternative, even if for no other reason than to counteract an impending traffic gridlock and the increasing cost of energy.

More distinctly than ever before, the bicycle is proving to be a very intelligent solution for personal mobility. Therefore, it has a high growth potential. The typology of bikes and cycling styles has never been so diverse. New, extremely creative answers are being developed for more and more specific target groups.

In this dynamic process, one thing is extremely important: The bicycle needs committed advocates in the political arena and social life! Therefore, we at Schwalbe are either a sponsoring member of the following organisations or support them:

European Cyclist’s Federation

General German Bicycle Club

Business FahrRad! (in AGFS NRW)



World Bicycle Relief