If you start to slide on the bicycle on a frozen road, then it's too late. The fall is unavoidable. Only spikes can prevent this! Because it is only spikes that provide a firm grip. Therefore, Schwalbe offers no "simple winter tires", but only "winter tires with spikes".

The specialised magazine Trekkingbike (6/2013) has tested the spiked tires currently available on the market:

Schwalbe Marathon Winter

The Marathon Winter has 240 steel spikes in four rows. It has an all-round tread that is suitable both for paved and unpaved roads. With 2.5 mm, the tread depth is relatively shallow. As it can be ridden with only two-bar pressure, it is also ideal on extremely icy surfaces. To sum up: It's the best tire on ice."

Schwalbe Winter

„The Schwalbe Winter has a very similar tread to its big brother, Marathon Winter. However, it dispenses with half the spikes. As an attractive beginners' tire in terms of price, its carcass with KevlarGuard is slightly more simplified. Nevertheless it is good to ride on and, like the Marathon Winter, needs only two bar pressure."

We would like to add: Naturally with special Winter compound. Excellent control on smooth frozen surfaces. Only inferior to the Marathon Winter in extremely sharp bends. Almost 30 percent cheaper.

Spikes on asphalt

When the roads are free from snow and ice again and the rolling sound of the spikes becomes annoying, you can increase the air pressure. The tires then roll quietly and more easily (this applies to the Marathon and Marathon Winter). Technically speaking, they are also safe under these normal conditions: The spikes not only "grip" ice, but also asphalt.


Spikes are prohibited for motor vehicles in some countries. But spikes for the bicycle are no problem. They are permitted.

Rubber compound

Our spiked tires have a special winter compound that is tailored to the special conditions (temperature, substrate, stress).

Running in spiked tires

This is how it's done: Ride approximately 40 kilometres on asphalt without accelerating powerfully or braking abruptly. The spikes are then more firmly seated!


You can ride several thousand kilometres with our spiked tires. The spikes have a core of extremely wear-resistant hard metal (tungsten carbide). As a rule: In the long term, the spikes are pressed in deeper and the corners become rounded.
All Schwalbe spiked tires here.
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