The Marathon GT will be launched onto the market in 2017. Just like the bicycle, it stands for contemporary mobility. The new Marathon GT is just as progressive as the way city cyclists and frequent bikers ride their bicycles.
The bicycle boom in the cities continues apace. More and more people are (re)discovering the bicycle as a mode of transport. They want a quick, easy and modern tyre that quickly and reliably brings them from A to B without any punctures. The new Marathon GT embodies all these things. With its dynamic tread design and concise diamond coating, it rolls lightly and safely and also makes a visual impression on a stylish city bike or a sporty urban bike.


Schwalbe has positioned the Marathon GT exactly in the middle between the classic Marathon and the Marathon Plus. All three Marathon models are equipped with the particularly durable endurance compound and the anti-ageing side walls. The differences are in the puncture protection, the weight, the rolling characteristics, as well as the price. They vary according to the preferences of the cyclists:

The typical Marathon Plus cyclist places a great deal of importance on puncture protection – whether in everyday life, while travelling or during day trips. The cyclist wants maximum reliability and wants to have nothing more to do than pump the tyres every now and then. And they don't have to do more because punctures are so unlikely. Thanks to its 5-mm-thick and patented SmartGuard, the Marathon Plus rolls on the highest puncture protection level that exists for bicycle tyres. And despite this, the "flatless" tyre rolls lighter than any other tyre with such a massive puncture guard.
The classic Marathon on the other hand is all about solid brand quality at a reasonable price. Those who ride on Marathon tyres already know that it is an all-round complete package in terms of durability, puncture-protection and rolling lightness. The three-millimetre-thick GreenGuard, puncture protection level 5, is the perfect solution on day trips and for everyday use.

The Marathon GT is in the middle range of the Marathon trio when it comes to both its technical specifications and price. In order to achieve a high, lightly-rolling puncture protection, Schwalbe developed an innovative "double puncture protection" system consisting of two components, the DualGuard. An additional layer of fabric within the carcass and a 2.5-mm-thick layer of rubber form a secure, finely adjusted anti-puncture combination.

"This golden middle that the Marathon GT fills in terms of puncture protection, weight and price is something that we consciously chose because we know that many cyclists want exactly that", said René Marks about the newest Marathon.

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