Whether to work through the urban jungle, the weekend tour with bivouac tent or over many detours to the North Cape - every adventure begins at the front door. With one and the same wheel with or without luggage. The new Overland tire with its versatile profile builds the bridge from Gravel to Tour. What makes it unique is its extreme durability - making it ideal for e-bikes as well.

The Super Ground carcass, which is also installed, for example, in Schwalbe's MTB tires Racing Ralph, provides puncture protection and high resistance with three carcass layers under the tread and the continuous Snakeskin fabric - on asphalt and for off-road use.

The closed center tread gives each wheel relaxed rolling on rough asphalt, and its concise outer lugs give the G-One Overland corner grip when the terrain gets more challenging. The Leatherman in Schwalbe's gray line. No matter how long the ride lasts after the front door has fallen into the lock: with the new G-One Overland you can enjoy every detour without worry.



SINCE 2015

Back in 2015, when few cyclists even knew the word Gravel, Schwalbe launched its first Gravel tire, the G-One Allround. Seven years later, Gravel has become a full-fledged cycling segment, with specific new products, events and an ever-growing Gravel community. After the G-One RS, Schwalbe's fastest gravel tire and winner of the Unbound Gravel 2022, the family-owned company now presents its seventh tire in the portfolio: The G-One Overland.

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