As soon as the first snow falls and there are night frosts, the question of spiked tires arises again for many. Here are the most important answers.

Is it possible to drive with spiked tires on normal roads?

No problem at all. However, if there is rarely snow and the road is mostly clear, the running noise will soon bother you.

And you don't slip away?

No. The spikes also "claw" very well in normal asphalt roads. Even fast curves are no problem.

Aren't spikes forbidden?

Spikes are not a problem for bicycle tires. Only for motor vehicles are spikes banned in some countries because they damage the road. Fast e-bikes, however, are considered motor vehicles.

Is it necessary to break in the tires?

In order to ensure the lasting grip of the spikes, the tires should be run in for about 40 km on asphalt. Avoid vigorous acceleration and braking in the process.

How long do the spikes last?

All Schwalbe spikes have a core made of extremely wear-resistant hard metal (tungsten carbide). You can ride a few thousand kilometers with them. That the corners grind round and the spikes press in a little deeper is normal.

When do tires reach their limits?
In deep snow, spiked tires don't help either. 
I rarely have snow. How can I make good use of spiked tires?

It is optimal if you can mount the tires on a second bike. In the morning you decide which bike to use depending on the weather. On icy roads, when even the cars drive very carefully, it is a great feeling to have full control on the spiked tires.

Some spikes have been lost. Can I replace them?

Yes, we offer a set of replacement spikes including tools.
With the special tool they can be easily inserted.

50 aluminum spikes, Art.-No. 5508
50 steel spikes, Art.-No. 5506
50 steel spikes incl. insertion tool, Art.-No. 5512

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