Discover our original Marathon Plus tires for bicycles and e-bikes now. They are the only tires in the world that can call themselves flat-less. In addition to the patented puncture protection belt, they impress with their long service life and dynamic rolling behavior.

Flat-less bicycle tires - Schwalbe makes it possible

The world's only bicycle tires that can call themselves flat-less come from Schwalbe. It is made possible by the patented puncture protection belt SmartGuard, which thanks to its special design even shards or tacks can not harm. The SmartGuard insert is 5mm thick and is made of highly elastic special rubber - even with constant rolling over, any foreign bodies that are driven in simply remain stuck in the rubber and thus prevent air loss from a puncture. In addition, the flat-less bicycle tires from Schwalbe inspire with an excellent low rolling resistance, which is far superior to other puncture-proof bicycle tires. Also durability and load capacity make Schwalbe's flat-less tires the number one among puncture-proof bicycle tires. Discover our specially designed models for the e-bike, MTB bikes and for trekking bikes - flat-less on any terrain with Schwalbe.

Which Schwalbe tires are flat-less?

Not for nothing is the Schwalbe Marathon Plus our best-selling model. In addition to the SmartGuard puncture protection, it convinces with many other features. It also owes its enormous durability to the anti-aging sidewalls, which hold up securely even under constant load at low air pressure and prevent cracks. The Schwalbe Marathon plus also scores in terms of sustainability: It contains a proportion of recycled rubber and thus contributes to a closed cycle of recyclable materials. It also impresses with its low rolling resistance and pleasant ride comfort.

For e-bikes, we have developed the Marathon E-Plus as a flat-less bike tire. The Addix-E compound, which was specially developed for e-bike tires, guarantees the best grip and maximum durability even at high speeds. The anti-aging sidewalls and an optimized carcass structure work together to provide maximum durability. The tread design makes the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus the ideal companion on all tours.

Especially for mountain biking, there is the Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB, whose grippy profile offers maximum safety on uneven terrain. Here, too, our SmartGuard insert makes the bike tire flat-less - and in addition, reflective strips on the sidewalls ensure visibility and safety in twilight and darkness.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour is the flat-less tire for long rides on many surfaces such as asphalt, dusty roads or light terrain. Making long tours a pleasure thanks to optimal rolling resistance and pleasant ride comfort, without fear that a puncture could end the ride and the enjoyment. THis is because the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour is also, thanks to the patented puncture protection belt, optimally protected against flints, shards, staples and other damage - flat-less: just from Schwalbe.