COLOURED TIRES Tires as unique as their users. The "Colour Your Bike" range from Schwalbe is vibrant and diverse, with eight stylish shades that transform any city and urban bike into a real eye-catcher, for example in cream, coffee or whitewall.

Big Ben

Urban balloon bike tires for extra comfort and safety when riding in the city. The tire is designed not just to be functional but to give the city bike an extra stylish look, in the colours cream, coffee and brown.


Little Big Ben is the smaller, or rather slimmer brother of the Big Ben balloon tire. A tire for daily cycle journeys in the city. Available in the popular retro colours cream and brown.


The stylish urban cruiser. A balloon tire for city bikes that provides extra comfort and a fine appearance. Large air volume and cool profile design. The modish colour variants in cream, black/coffee, brown/whitewall are a particular highlight.


Urban, unique and dynamic. The Road Cruiser stands out with its striking profile design and wide choice of colours. The tire comes in a number of sizes, ranging from 12 to 28 inches, and an attractive selection of colours: whitewall, gumwall, brown, cream, black/coffee and coffee.


More than just entry-level tires. Low-cost city and touring tires with remarkable puncture protection. Schwalbe protection level 5 thanks to the strong 3mm PunctureGuard protection belt. Good rolling properties and available in the popular colours cream and brown for a versatile look.


Everything you need Basic tires for the city. A slightly lower level of puncture protection in comparison to the Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus. Rolls easily and cuts a fine figure in the popular colours whitewall, gumwall and cream.