Hookless rims on trend

Hookless rims on trend

It offers the same safety as conventional tire-rim combinations - and additionally the advantages of riding with low pressure: The combination of Hookless rims and Tubeless Easy tires. Schwalbe, pioneer of this technology, is sure: "Hookless rims will become globally accepted".

This development is driven by the general trend towards wider tires, which is reflected in all bicycle segments. In the USA, for example, tire widths beyond 30 mm and up to 38 mm are already almost standard. Another good example is the Gravel segment, as a symbiosis of mountain bike and road bike. "Especially with higher tire widths, Tubeless Easy tires in combination with hookless rims form a harmonious pair," says Felix Schäfermeier, Schwalbe Product Manager. In contrast to rims with hooks on the rim flange, hookless rims have a straight, smooth side and usually a wider jaw width. Both have an influence on the tire contour. These rims fit wider tires better - with technical advantages compared to conventional "hooked" rims:

  • Lower air pressures due to the high volume - thus more comfort, grip and riding safety
  • Lighter rims with the same jaw width
  • Hookless rims produce a rounder tire contour, which has a positive effect on riding characteristics.
  • By eliminating the hooks, the wall thickness at the rim flange can be increased - a gain in stability and puncture resistance



"Hookless rims may only be ridden with TLR/TLE tires, as only these have the special bead core. Tube type tires, which are only ridden with tubes, are therefore excluded from use," Schäfermeier emphasises. "Our bead core design is extremely tensile and stable, but at the same time allows for easy mounting without tools." The inner diameter of the bead core also plays a decisive role: with Schwalbe, it has a perfect dimension so that the tire fits securely and is easy to mount and inflate.

The upper limit for air pressure is currently five bar according to ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) and ISO. In addition, many rim and wheel manufacturers recommend a minimum tire width of 28 mm to be able to ride the low air pressure without problems. Schwalbe also plays it safe: While ISO prescribes 1.1 times the force for safety tests, Schwalbe tests all products to 1.6 times the maximum permissible air pressure for tires or rims, including the TLR/TLE tires on the Hookless rims. Nevertheless, it is imperative to observe the specified tire and rim air pressure. If the specified maximum pressure of the rim is lower than that of the tire, the maximum pressure of the rim must be observed.