The optimal rim
for Schwalbe
Tubeless Road Racing Tires



All values as per ETRTO standard 2019 (ETRTO: European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation).
The wheel’s shoulder diameter is the diameter as measured from shoulder to shoulder. This corresponds with the ETRTO number after the hyphen. In the case of Schwalbe road racing tires, for example, it is 28-622.


The outer diameter of the rim is decisive for a safe fit. It is determined by the shoulder diameter and flank height, which are defined by the ETRTO standard.

28'' 622 621.95 +/- 0.5 5.5 +/- 0.5


These values apply to all rims, whether they are tubeless or normal. To guarantee a safe fit, it is generally important that the minimum flank height does not exceed 5.0mm. For tubeless tires, the shoulder diameter should be in the positive range of the authorized tolerance.


It is not absolutely essential that the rim is airtight. The rim base can be made airtight very easily using a corresponding tubeless rim tape. A welded rim with a smooth base is the ideal scenario. A double eyelet rim, on the other hand, cannot be made airtight with a rim tape. When using a pin joint rim, at least 30ml of Doc Blue sealant must also be used in addition to rim tape to ensure an adequate airtight seal.

Easy to fit

To ensure an easy tire fit, the drop-center of the rim should be 2.6 to 3.4mm deep, concave and at least 7mm wide. The rim width should be minimum 17C; optimum dimensions are 19C or 21C.