Tubeless assembly - made even easier

Tubeless provides an engaging riding experience with less rolling resistance, more grip and maximum puncture resistance. The new tubeless valves now make assembly even easier.

Easier installation and even more reliability.

The valves are available in stem lengths of 40 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm. This means: there is a suitable solution for every depth of rim - valve extensions are no longer necessary, thereby eliminating the risk of air loss at the connection.

Schwalbe Valve Guide

The other highlights:

  • The larger inner diameter of 4 mm optimizes the flow of air and sealant. This improves the tubeless tires' fitting and blockages caused by sealing fluid particles are practically impossible.
  • With the hex key (4 mm), the valve foot can be securely installed in the rim without deforming the foot.
  • Due to the shortened cone, the valve base sinks deeper into the valve hole. The installation height is lower, meaning that there is more space for the tire beads and assembly is easier.
  • The valve can be used with the O-ring for any rim contour. An additional spacer sleeve is not necessary.
  • The slick design fits perfectly with sporty, stylish bikes.

Enlarged inner diameter (4 mm) for the new valve (right)

Assembly with the hex key (4 mm)

With the special O-ring (center), the valve is suitable for every rim contour

Technical information

Tubeless technology from the tubeless pioneer

Since 2002, Schwalbe has consistently promoted research and development in tubeless tire technology. For an incomparable riding experience and easy assembly. Discover all the benefits in the tubeless web special now!