We act responsibly when dealing with customers, co-workers, society, and the environment. Our products drive change towards sustainable mobility solutions, and thus, reduce environmental impacts due to traffic.

Long-lasting products

We produce high-quality, durable products with long service lives. Our approach is a sustainable product design from cradle to grave. We have not yet reached our goal, but we are on track.

Tube recycling

Each Schwalbe tube is


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Green Compound

Tread rubber with polymers exclusively sourced from renewable and recycled raw materials.

For the first time, a technology specifically designed by Schwalbe allows bicycle tires to be manufactured with tread rubber of polymers sourced exclusively from renewable and recycled raw materials in outstanding standard quality (grip/durability). This saves large amounts of energy and resources during tire production.

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Green Guard

Puncture protection with recycled
natural rubber.

GreenGuard is a 3 mm thick, green puncture protection belt made of natural rubber. Highly elastic and a third is made from recycled material. Used also in Germany’s best-selling bicycle tire, Schwalbe Marathon

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We advise our customers not to change tires prematurely. In addition, we recommend to check tires regularly for correct inflation, in order to increase their time of use.

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Eurobike Booth

Our Eurobike booth is made of recyclable, environmentally certified materials. For example, the rubber fig wood is PEFC-certified.

Schwalbe Hybrid building

The Hybrid Building will unite all the various building modules into one entity and also optically reflect our company values:

technical dynamics, human creativity, and responsible use of resources. As far as possible, the sustainable design was inspired by the cradle-to-cradle principle, which involves only using materials that can be recycled when they are no longer needed.