Everything you need to know about Schwalbe road tires.

Information about the tire width of the new Schwalbe Pro One
(model year 2020)

The design dimensions of the Schwalbe Pro One (TLE, Tube Type) and Schwalbe Pro One TT road bike tires are based around a nominal standard rim width of 19C, the standard for modern road bike rims (formerly 15C). This has an effect on the real tire dimensions when mounted and should be taken into account when buying tires in order to ensure trouble-free mounting and best product performance.

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Table: Schwalbe Pro One tire width (HS493/493A) with different rim widths.

Rim width
Size indication (Tire)






23 mm (only Tube Type)

23 mm

24 mm

25 mm



25 mm


24 mm

25 mm

26 mm


28 mm


27 mm

28 mm

29 mm

30 mm

30 mm


29 mm

30 mm

31 mm

32 mm

x = tire/rim combination not recommended
"C": Crotched (rim flank with hook - standard rim)
"TC": Tubeless Crotched (rim flank with hook - tubeless rim)
"TSS": Tubeless Straight Side (rim flank without hook - tubeless rim)

Note: TSS rims may only be combined with TLE/TLR tires (Tubeless Easy/Tubeless Ready). Regardless of whether they are used tubeless or with tube.

The tire width may vary by +/- 1 mm depending on the rim that is used.

All tire dimensions were determined at maximum tire pressure. (Caution: Due to different rim shapes, the maximum allowable air pressure of the rim must be taken into account. If the indicated maximum allowable pressure of the rim is lower than that of the tire, always comply with the maximum pressure of the rim. This can lead to different tire dimensions).

Overview applies only to the tire models Schwalbe Pro One "TLE" "TT" and "Tube Type" with the tread markings HS493 and HS493A (model year 2020).


Instructions for the first assembly

The turn-up construction integrates Tubeless Easy technology in the most progressive way possible. This is what makes the tire so supple and comfortable. Riding this tire feels just like the velvety motion of a classic tubular tire.

Instructions for the first assembly: Schwalbe Pro One and Schwalbe Pro One TT Tubeless Easy tires must be used with Doc Blue tire sealant. At least 30 ml, preferably 60 ml per tire. The tire must be run for at least 25 km directly after the sealent is added. If the instructions for the first assembly are ignored, the sealing of the tire cannot be guaranteed.

Tire pressure recommendation

For the Schwalbe Pro One TLE (mounted on a rim with 19 mm inner width)

Width Rider weight
Pressure front Pressure rear
25-622 55-59 kg 4,8 bar 5,0 bar
60-65 kg 5,0 bar 5,2 bar
66-70 kg 5,2 bar 5,8 bar
71-75 kg 5,8 bar 6,3 bar
76-80 kg 6,3 bar 6,8 bar
81-85 kg 6,8 bar 7,0 bar
28-622 55-59 kg 4,0 bar 4,2 bar
60-65 kg 4,2 bar 4,6 bar
66-70 kg 4,6 bar 4,8 bar
71-75 kg 4,8 bar 5,3 bar
76-80 kg 5,3 bar 5,8 bar
81-85 kg 5,8 bar 6,0 bar
30-622 55-59 kg 3,6 bar 3,8 bar
60-65 kg 3,8 bar 4,0 bar
66-70 kg 4,0 bar 4,2 bar
71-75 kg 4,2 bar 4,6 bar
76-80 kg 4,6 bar 4,8 bar
81-85 kg 4,8 bar 5,0 bar

The optimal rim
for Schwalbe tubeless racing bike tires

For safety and performance, the tire and rim on a road bike must be perfectly matched. This applies all the more to tubeless racing cycle tires. In addition to the classic hooked rims (crotched type), so-called "hookless" rims (straight side) are becoming increasingly popular in the racing bike segment. For safe operation, "hookless" rims in particular place high demands on racing cycle tyres. The models Schwalbe One TLE and Schwalbe Pro One TLE (from model year 2020) are designed to meet these special requirements, especially in the bead core area, and are therefore basically compatible.


Crotched Type

Straight Side


All values as per ETRTO standard 2019 (ETRTO: European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation).

The wheel’s shoulder diameter is the diameter as measured from shoulder to shoulder. This corresponds with the ETRTO number after the hyphen. In the case of Schwalbe road racing tires, for example, it is 28-622.



The outer diameter of the rim is decisive for a safe fit. It is determined by the shoulder diameter and flank height, which are defined by the ETRTO standard.

Inch ETRTO Shoulder diameter Flank
28'' 622 621.95 +/- 0.5 5.5 +/- 0.5

These values apply to all rims, whether they are tubeless, normal, crotched type or hookless rims. To guarantee a safe fit, it is generally important that the minimum flank height does not exceed 5.0mm. For tubeless tires, the shoulder diameter should be in the positive range of the authorized tolerance.


It is not absolutely essential that the rim is airtight. The rim base can be made airtight very easily using a corresponding tubeless rim tape. A welded rim with a smooth base is the ideal scenario. A double eyelet rim, on the other hand, cannot be made airtight with a rim tape. When using a pin joint rim, at least 30ml of Doc Blue sealant must also be used in addition to rim tape to ensure an adequate airtight seal.


To ensure an easy tire fit, the drop-center of the rim should be 2.6 to 3.4mm deep, concave and at least 7mm wide. The rim width should be minimum 17mm; optimum dimensions are 19mm or 21mm.

Special notes on hookless rims and use with Schwalbe TLE racing cycle tires:

  • Hookless rims, also called "Straight Side", are characterised by the fact that the small hook at the end of the rim flank is missing.
  • The official designation for tubeless hookless rims according to ETRTO is "TSS".
  • The rim used must comply with the ETRTO standard for hookless rims (straight side).
  • The specified air pressure of tyre and rim must be observed. If the specified maximum pressure of the rim is lower than that of the tire, the maximum pressure of the rim must be observed. This is the rule with tubeless hookless rims (TSS).
  • The compatible tire widths specified by the wheel/rim manufacturer must be taken into account. Especially the minimum tire widths.
  • If hookless rims are only designated by the manufacturer for tubeless operation, they cannot be used with tube-type tires and therefore bicycle inner tubes.
  • Hookless or Straight Side rims may only be combined with TLE/TLR tires (Tubeless Easy/Tubeless Ready). Regardless of whether they are mounted as a tubeless set-up or with inner tubes. This restriction applies regardless of the intended use (MTB, Gravel / Cross, City / Tour, road bike).

Advantages of Hookless

  • Less weight compared to conventional "hook" rims.
  • Hookless rims produce a rounder tire contour, which has a positive effect on the riding characteristics.
  • Due to the comparatively high volume of tires on hookless rims, the practical air pressures are significantly lower. This increases comfort and grip.


As experts in tubeless technology, we work hand in hand with wheel and rim manufacturers as well as industry committees. We check the compatibility of wheels, rims and tires at our in-house test center. The results are summarized in the compatibility overview. If a wheel or rim is missing from the overview, we would be happy to hear about it at info@schwalbe.com


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