The new Marathon E-Plus: flat-less and more

Schwalbe’s first Marathon specifically designed for e-bikes combines proven flat-less technology with new features for e-mobility: With easy run and greatest riding safety, exceptional stability and durability, E-Plus Marathon riders get the maximum performance possible out of modern e-bikes.

More than flat-less – is that even necessary? Yes, after all, an e-bike also has much more to offer than a normal bike. It has more power and is generally faster, both on straights and in corners. Due to the motor and battery, it is also much heavier. Of course, a flat on an e-bike is just as annoying as it is on a normal bike. “In order to take advantage of the full potential of modern e-bikes, it needs a tire that offers more of everything: safety, grip, durability, easy rolling, and a long life”, explains René Marks, Product Manager Tour and E-Bike. Schwalbe’s engineers have tweaked all the relevant features towards e-bike requirements and added new properties to their flat-less technology.

Smart-DualGuard: The patented SmartGuard belt is supported by two layers of RaceGuard fabric. This well thought-out combination provides even better protection against sharp objects and offers maximum safety with puncture protection level 7, also at high speed and on long tours. Now, e-bikes are also flat-less.

Easy rolling for a greater range: The surprisingly low rolling resistance of the Marathon E-Plus prevents excessive drain of the battery.

Maximum riding safety due to Addix-E Compound: The special rubber mix for e-bike tires offers exceptional grip at all speeds, and at the same time, extremely low wear. It also guarantees low rolling resistance while achieving high mileage and a long service life.

Wide range of use: The robust, dynamic tread safely rolls along pavement and also brings the required level of grip on park and gravel roads.

High stability due to the new carcass construction: In this design, side-walls are reinforced with an additional fabric layer which stabilizes the tire to carry even greater loads. Its proven anti-aging side-wall resists typical over-load scenarios due to low air pressure for a significantly longer period of time and avoids unwanted cracks.

Thanks to this coherent overall package, Marathon E-Plus has qualified for an ECE-R75 certificate for high carrying loads, which is valid all over Europe. With this, even heavy riders and bike tourists with lots of baggage are on the safe side. The tire is allowed to be used on all e-bikes, both for 25 km/h as well as 50 km/h.

Large range of tires for booming e-bike market

Schwalbe introduces its new Marathon to the market in as many as six sizes, including several wide versions: “In terms of comfort, safety and rolling resistance, wider tires have great advantages on an e-bike,” says René Marks.

All in all, Schwalbe caters to the e-bike boom with an exceptionally wide range of specialized e-bike tires for all segments from urban and touring to road and mountain biking. This is because Schwalbe is convinced that this boom will continue. According to the bicycle industry association Zweirad-Industrie-Verband, 980,000 e-bikes were sold in Germany in 2018. This is an increase of 36 percent compared to the previous year. “At Schwalbe we have been electrified since our first edition of the Energizer in 2012. Our tires offer maximum safety at high speed and on long tours – and now, the flat-less fun can continue on e-bikes with the Marathon E-Plus.”


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The new Marathon E-Plus: flat-less and more Download (pdf, 321.7 KiB) Schwalbe’s first Marathon for e-bikes offers maximum safety at high speed and saves battery life due to easy rolling. (Photos: Schwalbe) Download (jpg, 1.4 MiB) Flat-less riding fun and a new level specifically adapted to the most important technical requirements of e-bikes: The Marathon E-Plus is ideally suited for all motorized bicycles – both 25 km/h and 50 km/h Download (jpg, 1.4 MiB)