The Head Compounder


Wolfgang Arenz is undisputedly the most highly acclaimed tire compound specialist in the bicycle industry, who has now been head compounder at Schwalbe for two years.

What was it that persuaded you to move to Schwalbe?
The unique intensity. Schwalbe only knows one product: bicycle tyres. I notice this every day. All the strategic considerations revolve around the one topic, new ideas are always welcome and everyone works towards the same goal. My expertise is in demand not only for new formulas, but also for the entire manufacturing process, and the suggestions I make can also be radically creative. There’s targeted investment in innovations for the industrial workflow – perfect conditions for a rubber nerd like me.

How were you received by the team? After all, you used to be competitors.
It was a fantastic experience from day one. When you’re as specialised in a subject as I am, it’s amazing fun to have real partners by your side in development who understand as much about tyres as I do. They’re not just satisfied with my first attempt. They want more, the standards are very high. It’s a new game, it’s wonderful.

Addix is setting new benchmarks for MTB tyres. What’s next?
It goes without saying that the innovations made possible by Addix are not just reserved for mountain bike tyres. Anyone who knows me, knows how close to my heart racing bikes are. There’s no-one but Schwalbe who cares more about city and trekking tires than Schwalbe. That’s a challenge I find just as exciting as the sporty high-end tyres.


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The Head Compounder Download (pdf, 822.8 KiB) Markus Hachmeyer (left), Senior Product Manager, and head compounder Wolfgang Arenz developed the new Addix compounds. Download (jpg, 5.5 MiB)