New recycling system for tubes

Schwalbe, the bike tyre specialist, is now offering bike retailers a new tube return system.

Schwalbe tubes are 100% recyclable, so the recycled material can be used in the production of new tubes with no loss of quality. For this purpose, the company has developed an in-house de-vulcanising process which has proven to be very successful over the course of many years.

Every new standard Schwalbe tube now contains 20 percent recycled butyl.

To systematically recover the high quality butyl rubber, in July 2015, Schwalbe introduced a new recovery system. The tubes are returned on the basis of a straightforward, web-based procedure which is free of charge to German retailers.

The recycling process takes place directly at the Schwalbe’s plant in Indonesia. Remarkably, even taking all of the transport costs and environmental impact into account, the energy balance is exceptionally positive. In comparison with the production of new butyl, all in all, just one quarter of the energy is used.


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