Marathon Plus MTB: New 57mm size


This tire is impressive! In particular, the new wider 57-millimeter version in 26- and 27.5-inch sizes is simply unmatched. “These new sizes meet the demands of many mountain bikers for wider tires. The 57mm has now become standard,” says René Marks, Schwalbe’s Product Manager.

The Marathon Plus for mixed terrain is Schwalbe’s most puncture-resistant mountain bike tire. Its patented SmartGuard protection belt originated with the “flatless” Marathon Plus. The central section rolls smoothly over paved roads while the powerful outer studs can bite into the terrain. It now holds ECE-R75 certification for fast e-bikes. Available in bicycle stores at a cost of 39.90 euro.


Further information and photos:

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Marathon Plus MTB Download (docx, 190.0 KiB) Marathon Plus MTB Download (pdf, 42.8 KiB) Marathon Plus MTB:
Schwalbe’s most puncture-resistant MTB tire.
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