The first tread cutter specially for MTB tyres

Sharp cuts for fine tuning. The Tread Cutter allows riders to optimally and individually adapt the tyre tread to meet the respective situation. It is the first tread cutter developed specifically for MTB tyres. Use it to cut the studs off with a smooth edge and – thanks to the cutting-height adjustment – to the exact required height. The pliers were developed in cooperation with the renowned Slovenian tool manufacturer Unior.

BEN VERGNAUD // Chief Mechanic
“Dirty Dan works very well in soft ground and when it is really muddy, we leave the tyre exactly as it is, of course. Under more varied conditions, e.g. at the World Cup in Leogang where it’s muddy in the forests but the more even paths between them are dry, I cut the centre studs down somewhat. This decreases the rolling resistance to the level of the Magic Mary, but we have the high, open lateral studs of the Dirty Dan for the soft ground in the woods.”


  • Decreased rolling resistance
  • Less stud flex on hard surfaces,
    stones and roots

  • The braking force is no longer
    transferred as well.
BEN VERGNAUD // Chief Mechanic - Gstaad-Scott-Team

JAN WITTMAACK // Chief Mechanic

“We often use Hans Dampf on the rear tyre. Cyclists like this tyre because it allows them to tread the curves well and drift like an expert. For softer surfaces where the tyres have to grip more and get clogged faster, we cut away the second row of studs so that the tyre maintains a more open groove meaning it can grip the ground better. This also improves the tyre’s self-cleaning capability.”


  • The tyre grips soft ground better without
    becoming too aggressive.
  • Improved curve tread.

  • The danger of snake bites is higher
    as less rubber cushions the tread.
  • Extreme situations are no longer
    quite so easy to handle.