Tips for Pedelec and E-Bike

In standard pedelec that have motor assist up to 25 km/h, there is no legal requirement for a special tire. But even with these bikes, loads and average speeds are mostly higher than in regular bikes. daher empfehlen wir nur bestimmte Reifen als „E-Bike Ready“. Therefore we have marked all tires with “E-Bike Ready 25” or “E-Bike Ready 50” which we recommend for the use on Pedelecs.

What should you look out for with faster E-bikes?
Special tires are necessary for fast E-bikes (tires with ECE-R75 certification valid throughout Europe). Aktuell bieten wir 15 verschiedene Reifen in über 50 Größen mit ECE-Zulassung.

Aktivieren Sie in der Produktauswahl TOUR den Filter E-BIKE 50 oder in der Produktauswahl OFFROAD den Filter E-BIKE. Dann werden nur Reifen und Reifengrößen mit ECE-Zulassung angezeigt.

Recommend for pedelecs

Recommend for pedelecs
Allowed for fast E-Bikes

Unsere Reifen, die bestens für Pedelecs und schnelle E-Bikes geeignet sind:

When replacing tires on fast E-bikes always pay attention to: ECE-R75 mark, maximum load and maximum speed. A Load and Speed Index engraved on the tire identifies the parameters in a code (e.g. “28B”). The number identifies the load (e.g. 28 = 100 kg), the letter identifies the speed (e.g. B = 50 km/h).