The fastest of the best – Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless

Ten high-end racing tyres of leading manufacturers had to prove their abilities in a rolling resistance test of the website In collaboration with the independent test lab Wheel Energy in Finland, the tyres were put to a full test in both the lab and on the road. The winner of all test set-ups: Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless.


Lab and road tests

In the test lab, the Pro One achieved the best results and eclipsed all competitors on both the smooth and the rough-surface drum.

The Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless also convinced across the board in the road tests. “Whether it is the lack of a tube, the rubber compound or the excellent construction, the Pro One feels supple and fast on the road,” commented Ben Delaney from


Wider is better

The test also demonstrated that wider tyres have a lower rolling resistance than narrow tyres. In addition, the extra volume also provides extra comfort. Ben Delaney concludes: “.... since wider tyres roll faster and more comfortably, I won't ever buy a 23mm tyre again.”


The full test including a video is available at