Schwalbe offers entire range of tyres for E-MTBs

There are so many reasons to make the switch to E-MTB, especially for less experienced riders. Getting to the top without taking the cable car; take a cycling tour with your partner, the kids or with friends who all have different levels of fitness. Whoever has felt the electric wind at their back will not want to go without it every again. But not only that, the e-bike is increasingly being discovered by the more ambitious mountain bikers. They enjoy the fun provided by the extra push out on the trail, they enjoy the new "uphill flow".

The tyres are really pushed to their limit. "Normal MTB tyres can only deal with this extra energy to a certain extent", says Markus Hachmeyer, Schwalbe Senior Product Manager. In order to meet this challenge, Schwalbe is now launching the Nobby Nic and the Smart Sam, two MTB models in the new "Performance Double Defense" design version.

The stronger forces take their toll on the material. The bikes have a massive amount of torque and are far heavier. In order to be able to make any use of the bikes' potential, it requires a lot more grip. An improved durability is also required in order to be able to withstand the increased stresses. The new, high-quality silica compound has been developed to cope with extreme stresses, and can meet both requirements as a result.  

Two additional layers of fabric – a layer from bead to bead as well as a further layer under the tread – ensure the significantly increased stability that is also required, as well as providing improved puncture protection. They support the entire structure and offer increased protection for the side walls of the tyres and against puncturing.

Photo: Schwalbe / Markus Greber

Smart Sam: Completely renewed and in performance DD

Schwalbe gives the all-rounder Smart Sam a complete makeover. It is now more aggressive and better suited to riding off-road than its predecessor and has more grip on the lateral studs. "A lot of riders wanted this robust off-road character, up to now its look came across as being a bit too "tame" for them", said Markus Hachmeyer.

With the new Smart Sam, e-mountain bikers are also sure to get a top-quality e-mountain tyre: it was certified in accordance with the ECE-R75 mark of conformity for fast e-bikes in the Performance Double Defense design version and as Smart Sam Plus with GreenGuard.

A perfect pair: E-MTB and 27.5+

That's perfect: The trend towards wider tyres – the plus sizes 27.5+ – has come along just at the right time for the E-MTB. "The bikes often have a thicker frame and also have to carry a motor and battery. This means that the plus tyres are not only a perfect match for the E-MTB in terms of the look, but also technically", said Markus Hachmeyer.

Nobby Nic’s new optional Apex versions offer even greater stability for the 27.5+ tyres (sizes: 65-584, 70-584, 75-584). The tyres with the reinforced bead area are 65 percent more resistant against snake bites compared to the normal version.

On the safe side with the ECE mark of conformity

Tyres that are mounted on fast e-bikes (up to 45 km/h) must have been certified with the ECE-R75 mark of conformity. At Schwalbe this applies for all MTB tyres in the Performance DD design version, as well as certain other models recognisable thanks to the e-bike Ready 50 label. These tyres that are approved for faster e-bikes are naturally also a good choice for riders of normal E-MTBs up to 25 km/h. Markus Hachmeyer: "They should also pay attention to ensure that the tyres can hold up to the increased stresses. Therefore with ECE-R75, all E-MTB riders are on the safe side!"