Is Procore the pioneering innovation? What experiences have bikers had with the new Procore double-chamber system? Here we have compiled central statements and results from the news, tests and driving reports.

Ride – 2/ 2016, Thomas Giger
Schwalbe Procore, the ultimate safeguard

The attention was great when Schwalbe introduced its Procore technology in 2015. Here, a type of racing bike tyre is placed inside a traditional tubeless tyre. With a special valve, air can be pressed either into the interior or exterior tyre. According to Schwalbe, snake bites are thus a thing of the past and the tyre can be fitted with lower air pressure. Both of these statements are correct. In tests, we accidentally tore the outer tyre on a downhill ride – repair was not possible. Thanks to Procore, we continued down into the valley without air in the outer tyre. It worked. It wasn’t pleasant, but the grip was good enough to ride on the single trail to the next bike shop.

Ralf Hauser, 1/2016

“Regardless of what you do: With Procore, burping is a thing of the past.” ...

“When mounted correctly, Procore is one of the best new developments in recent years, one which offers far more advantages than disadvantages.” –11/2015

Overall conclusions: The Procore double chamber system in its basic concept resembles a quantum leap in terms of riding performance. I am almost tempted to name it alongside innovations such as the clipless pedals, disc brakes or suspension forks – so great is the positive net effect for the bikers. It promotes all the positive characteristics of a tire – increases the puncture resistance, makes tubeless finally an easy thing, adds traction, increases confidence and comfort – making it an effective measure to have more fun out on the trail.

Paul Aston, Pinkbike 11/2015

Of course, the first thing I did when somebody told me that it would be virtually impossible to pinch-flat or burp a Procore protected tire, was to try to pinch-flat and burp it. The first test was to put 6bar/87psi into the Procore and 0.3bar/5psi in the outer chamber; pedal as fast as I could towards a 20cm tall curbstone, then sit down and hit it, full speed. I can report no punctures or dings to the rim, and not even the sound of a metal to concrete connection. Second, was to perform a few cutties and square off a few corners. (The previous of course, tocurbstones worked out well as a berm.) I was pleasantly surprised by my parking lot trial. There was seemingly no way of getting the tire to lose any pressure. Even if you release all the pressure from the outer chamber and try to dislodge the bead with your hands - you can't, it's locked in there solid by the Procore liner. Later, on the trail, I never managed to puncture the tire during a normal ride.

bike – 11/2015, Ryan Palmer

With the proper tires, Procore’s armor can make your bike feel indestructible. For the first time in my 20-year riding career, I could obliterate rock gardens while running scary-low tire pressure, without even thinking about wrecking my rim. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what it is.

Decline – 10/2015, Drew Rhode

Schwalbe has taken a big leap in a new direction with Procore and it's nice to see people thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope.

O2 Bikers – 09/2015, Mike Defresne

Initially Procore may seem like an elite product, but it has helped us push our limits. We rode faster without having the feeling of riding on sterile ground, a feeling you sometimes get with the + formats.

Mountainbike – 08/2015

Once set perfectly, Procore wins people over completely! Traction, cornering grip, comfort are exorbitantly good, they lift the bike to a new level. The rolling resistance is also surprisingly small, the added weight of approx. 200 g per tyre (in comparison to tubeless with milk) is generally hardly noticeable in practice.

MTB Rider – 08/2015

The fact is: With no other system can such light tyres with such low air pressure be combined with such a high level of puncture protection.

Enduro MTB Mag – 30.07.2015 Christoph Bayer

In short: Procore is just great! And this for several reasons. The grip, cushioning and puncture protection are phenomenal!

bike (online) – 05/2015, Christian Artmann

Puncture protection? Exemplary. Even hefty full-speed rides across boulder fields and trails with roots could not take Procore to its limits. And if you have a flat on the outside tyre, run-flat features which would make any tube tyre pilot green with envy are available to the driver. First riding impression – unfortunately cool!