27.5+ Get the best of both worlds – MTB and Fatbike

With 27.5+ you get more grip, more comfort, more suspension, more safety. Our tip: combine 27.5+ tires with the Procore system for even more snake bite protection. New: 29+ All width benefits now available for 29 inch.

Nobby Nic

For Nobby Nic we enlarged the individual lugs, so it is best prepared for the very roughest routes.

27.5x2.60 PaceStar SnakeSkin 810 g
27.5x2.60 TrailStar SnakeSkin 810 g
27.5x2.60 PaceStar SnakeSkin, Apex 910 g
27.5x2.60 TrailStar SnakeSkin, Apex 910 g
27.5x2.80 PaceStar SnakeSkin 860 g
27.5x2.80 TrailStar SnakeSkin 860 g
27.5x2.80 PaceStar SnakeSkin, Apex 960 g
27.5x2.80 TrailStar SnakeSkin, Apex 960 g
27.5x3.00 PaceStar SnakeSkin 910 g
27.5x3.00 TrailStar SnakeSkin 910 g
27.5x3.00 PaceStar SnakeSkin, Apex 1010 g
27.5x3.00 TrailStar SnakeSkin, Apex 1010 g
NEW! 29+
29x2.60 PaceStar SnakeSkin 855 g
29x2.60 TrailStar SnakeSkin 855 g


Nobby Nic

Rocket Ron

For Rocket Ron we increased the number of lugs, so the gaps remain small and the tire rolls better.

27.5x2.60 PaceStar LiteSkin 650 g
27.5x2.60 PaceStar SnakeSkin 735 g
27.5x2.80 PaceStar LiteSkin 680 g
27.5x2.80 PaceStar SnakeSkin 785 g
27.5x3.00 PaceStar LiteSkin 720 g
27.5x3.00 PaceStar SnakeSkin 830 g


Rocket Ron

Smart Sam

27.5x2.60 Dual SnakeSkin 930 g
27.5x2.60 Dual LiteSkin 850 g
Smart Sam

Schwalbe G-One Allround

27.5x2.80 OneStar LiteSkin 655 g
27.5x2.80 OneStar SnakeSkin 750 g
27.5x2.80 Dual SnakeSkin 790 g
Schwalbe G-One Allround